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Rural Roots - Rural Roots is a column by Fred Jones Rural Roots - RSS Feed
2014-09-05 at 15:44

Birds on land, water

The geese keep coming.  The cranes keep returning.  On a walk along our trails we saw four Whiskey Jacks, a significant number that will appear later in this column.  Throughout these past couple of days, the paddocks in front of Casa Jones have been very busy.  Has our... Read More

2014-08-22 at NOON

The long journey home

We’re back!  It was a great trip visiting family, The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), and experiencing the phenomenal diversity of people that has become Toronto.  But, after two weeks, we’d had enough of insane traffic and people, people, people everywhere.  It was time... Read More

2014-08-15 at 13:21

Woodlots smaller in south

I have a friend who once made an interesting comparison: in Northern Ontario, she said, when you get a birds-eye view of the land, most of it is bush and ponds, streams, or lakes.  You find small clearings and that is where the houses are.  In southern Ontario, it is the woodlots... Read More

2014-08-01 at 10:41

The tale of Clyde and the grouse

This story is about a toad. Oh yeah and there might be a bit about a grouse crossing the road.  But first, the Tale of Clyde the Toad. So nighttime in the summer is when we clean the horses’ stalls and get them ready for the next day. As I have written a couple of times and at the... Read More

2014-07-04 at 15:38

The sands of swim time

Here we are in the month traditionally known for being hot and sunny.  This month is considered to be the epicenter of summer. Oh sure, we can count on getting a thunder storm or two, but generally we think of July as vacation month wherein we head to the lakes or into swimming... Read More

2014-06-20 at 10:32

Pestered while planting

Ah, the joys of planting a vegetable garden. But first, reclaim said garden from the onslaught of the dreaded weeds. Last year I had my heart stuff and hence, could not participate in the annual rototilling, making of raised beds and planting of the garden.  In fact, because of my... Read More

2014-06-13 at 15:51

Winter preps already begin

I’m starting to prepare for winter.  I know, we’ve barely achieved summer weather with some mornings still only just above freezing here at the farm, but the shock of the past winter was a major shot across my bow. I mentioned in a previous column or two that we ran out of... Read More

2014-06-06 at 16:30

Blackflies a sure sign of summer

Time flows; the grass grows; berry-bush flowers show; and into my nose come exquisite smells heralding summer. The blackflies have crept in here at the farm to annoy especially the horses and humans when we attempt outdoor chores like planting the veggie garden.  I have resisted using... Read More

2014-05-23 at 14:28

Sugaring off a sure sign of springtime

I love maple syrup.  Recall that old saw: “…as Canadian as maple syrup.”  A classic portrait on every maple syrup can or bottle is of snow-covered woodlot, a team of draft horses pulling a sled with a large sap container, and usually with the sugar shack in the... Read More

2014-05-09 at 14:00

Tis the season for birds, buds and mud

’Tis mud season. We knew it would come, eventually; we just didn’t know when given the ongoing bouts of snow.  But it seems that the snow is in full retreat, leaving a very soggy land that is waking up. For those of you who read my last column wherein I worried as to the survival... Read More