TBNewsWatch.com Comment Guideline

TbNewsWatch readers have an opportunity to comment on many of the stories and news items they see posted on our website. This feature intends to allow you, the reader, to share your ideas, opinions and to engage fellow TbNewsWatch users in discussions about what you’ve read.

Comments posted on tbNewswatch are fully moderated. TbNewswatch reserves the right to review, edit, delete submitted comments.

Here are ways you can help ensure your comments are published in a fully moderated system:

Although we moderate our comments, there is a chance that offensive material may get through our screening process. Because of this possibility, users are able to report comments they find offensive. These flagged comments will be re-reviewed by tbNewswatch staff.

Screen names:

You may select any name you want through the tbNewswatch membership section. Please remember that screen names are considered when your comments are reviewed. Screen names deemed inappropriate or offensive will have their comments denied by moderators even if those comments fit within the guidelines above.

To learn more about our comment sections, please visit our commenting FAQ.

Commenting FAQ

What is fully moderated?

The comment sections of tbNewswatch are fully moderated. This means that when a comment is submitted it will not immediately be posted or visible on the website. The submitted comment is only posted once an editor has approved it.

How long does it take for a comment to be approved?

TbNewswatch cannot provide a specific timeline for any single comment’s approval. Our staff can only promise that we are committed to providing a fast turnaround in an effort to promote conversation and the sharing of ideas.

Will I be notified if my comment is not approved?

TbNewswatch will not contact a user about his or her comment. A comment that is approved will appear on the site after its review, but a comment not approved will not be returned to the user. An explanation of the comment’s rejection will also not be provided to the user. To help ensure your comment is approved please see the Comment Guidelines.

I can say whatever I want in a comment?

The goal of the tbNewswatch comment section is to ensure that all users have an opportunity to share their opinions and ideas with the public. Some comments, however, may not be published for a number of reasons. Vulgar language and harassment to members of the community or other tbnewsWatch users will not be approved. Comments that are believed to be potentially libelous will also not be approved. The moderated forums are not intended to censor ideas, but we do wish to keep all conversations civil.

What if I see a comment that I believe contradicts the commenting guidelines?

Beneath every comment is a Flag as Inappropriate link. By clicking on this link you can alert an editor to the comment that you believe is offensive. An editor will re-review the comment as soon as possible. While we hope to never see an inappropriate comment posted on tbNewswatch, we promise to practice due diligence if such a comment ever slips through our screening process.

I can’t comment on some stories. Why is that?

Some stories have been blocked from commenting. The editor who posted the story has likely done this on purpose. Some news stories can be especially sensitive. This may not always be the reason why a story is blocked from commenting, however, it is a likely one.

We hope to provide user with as many opportunities as possible to share their ideas, but hope it is understood that we cannot provide this option for every piece.