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2012-12-27 at 8:18AM

Area arena treated like disaster area after ammonia leak discovered

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THUNDER BAY -- The NorWest Arena in Stanley was being treated like a disaster zone Wednesday after a chemical leak forced fire crews to take emergency action.

The incident was reported just after 1 p.m. A maintenance person working at the arena on Highway 588 reported a leak of ammonia.

There's no word on how large the leak was, but the Oliver Paipoonge fire department declared a state of emergency, and requested help from Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue.

Deputy Chief Greg Hankkio

"Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue was requested by Oliver Paipoonge to respond to a report of an anhydrous ammonia leak at their arena," Deputy Chief Greg Hankkio said during an interview with Thunder Bay Television. 

"So through the proper process, through the emergency operation centre, through the District of Thunder Bay fire co-ordinator and the fire marshall's office has given us permission to respond with our level two hazmat team."

Numerous fire personnel from both Oliver Paipoonge and Thunder Bay were on scene, along with the Hazardous Materials unit and Thunder Bay Police officers.

The Emergency Management vehicle was also brought in to help deal with the situation.

Hankkio said they're taking every precaution to ensure the leak is contained and handled safely.

"Our goal at this point will be to stop the leak, to mitigate the problem, so we're going to put people in Level A hazmat suits, send them into the arena, and asses the situation," he said. 

"If we can stop the leak at the same time while we're in there, that's what we'll try to accomplish."

The NorWest Arena remains closed while the leak is dealt with, and there's no word on when the facility might be re-opened.


(Thunder Bay Television)

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