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2014-01-15 at 7:07PM

Opening up

By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

People who want to park closer to the airport longterm will be able to do so starting next month if they pay a little extra.

As of Jan.31 the Thunder Bay International Airport Authority will allow long-term parking in the short term lot for $19.99 per day. Currently there is a three-hour maximum time limit on the lot.

"That's basically being lifted," president and CEO Scott McFadden said.

The 400 long-term spaces will still be available for $12 per day. This is just a way to let people who want "premium parking" park a little closer.

"We have had some comments about being able to park closer to the terminal," McFadden said.

The main issue though is demand. The 100 short term spaces are rarely full while the airport continues to see an increase in long-term parking.

"If they're willing to pay a little more to do it that allows us to control the availably of space," McFadden said.

Short-term parking rates will remain unchanged.

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