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2014-02-04 at 2:22PM

CLE board not changing controversial bar policy

By tbnewswatch.com

The open bar  policy for Canadian Lakehead Exhibition board members will remain unchanged.

That policy has been a source of controversy since former board member Linda Gambee raised concerns last year over possible liability implications.

The debate eventually led to Gambee's dismissal from the organization . 

At the CLE's Annual General Meeting last month, concerns from the membership led to a commitment to review the policy. Now board Chair Danny Mosa says a decision has been reached to leave the policy unchanged. 

While he declined to be interviewed on camera, Mosa says members only access the bar for a social drink at the conclusion of their meetings and there has never been any abuse of the privilege . 

He also says all board members are fully aware of potential liability implications and have always acted responsibly . 

Mosa  says they have also been assured by their insurer that they have sufficient coverage should any liability issues arise.

(Thunder Bay Television)

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