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2014-02-24 at 4:32PM

Lessons of law

OPP Const. Diana Cole speaks to students at McKenzie Public School Monday afternoon.
Jodi Lundmark, tbnewswatch.com
OPP Const. Diana Cole speaks to students at McKenzie Public School Monday afternoon.
By Jodi Lundmark, tbnewswatch.com

McKenzie Public School students got a lesson in the law straight from the province’s police force Monday.

OPP Const. Diana Cole brought the Knowledge, Issues, Decisions, Supports (KIDS) program to the Grade 6 students at the Shuniah school to teach them about youth law, social and online media, drug awareness and mental health awareness.

"It's current and important information being provided to the students to provide them the knowledge to go forward and make the right decisions and good choices as they enter into their early adolescent years," said Cole.

Monday morning they tackled youth and the law, primarily what happens when youth are in trouble with the law and how the courtroom process works.

"That is all information they had no idea about before and they learn about the consequences as well," said Cole.

The KIDS program is aimed at students in Grade 6 because at 11 years old, the students are in their early adolescence, added Cole.

"Everything they learn in this program is going to be vital for them in their future years," she said.
Student Hope Hintz said since she and her classmates are getting older, it was important to learn tips for their futures.

"If you made a mistake in your life or anything, you can always go back and fix it," she said.
Jayme Armstrong said she learned about the dangers of cyberbullying and drugs.
"We learned to be safe," she said.

The students were taught also how to stop bullying and about how staying away from drugs and alcohol are smart decisions.

"We learned how to make the right decisions about what path you go on," said Ethan Heino.
"If you have a criminal record or something, you might not get a certain job you want."

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