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2014-02-25 at 4:10PM

Vandalism case tips coming in since brief release of surveillance video

By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com

City police have been getting tips from the public ever since they briefly released video footage of young men they described as "persons of interest" Monday.

Thunder Bay Police Service spokesman Chris Adams on Tuesday said tips were starting to come in after the security video was briefly released showing the three males. The video was released after a Feb. 16 spray painting incident.

“Information is coming forward so obviously the public is very interested,” Adams said on Tuesday. “Our officers will work with that and hopefully get to some kind of conclusion.”
The surveillance video, which was made available and then later pulled on Monday, showed the three around the time a vehicle parked outside the Target store at Intercity Shopping Centre was spray painted while the owner was inside.

Along with the video, police had issued a statement in the release to local media that they were hoping to speak with the persons of interest in hopes they have information about the vandalism.

At this point, Adams said it is not clear whether that case of vandalism is related to more recent cases in the Intercity area, such as ones last week in the Silvercity theatre parking lot.

He cautioned those parking in public areas to lock their doors and hide any objects of value from view.

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