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2014-02-27 at 4:36PM

In need of a plan

DSSAB board members listen to a presentation Thursday morning.
Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com
DSSAB board members listen to a presentation Thursday morning.
By tbnewswatch.com

The district’s social services board needs a plan as it faces hundreds of millions of dollars in capital deficit over the next 30 years.

A Stantec assessment of buildings for the Thunder Bay District Housing Corporation and non-profit housing shows around $470 million worth of work over the coming decades and a more than $300 million capital deficit in the same amount of time.

Stantec's Marcia O'Connor, who presented the report to the District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board Thursday said the report includes everything, including items like foundations and retaining walls, which might not need to be looked at right away.

But the number is large and the board needs to come up with a plan to take a look at the infrastructure it has.

"Somebody needs to review it," she said. "They need to come up with a way to manage that plan."

Having that plan, DSSAB could prioritize projects that need the most attention. It could also deal with the deficit in five-year plans. The report will also help lobby senior levels of government for more funding to tackle the shortfall.

While the number seems alarming, O'Connor said the issue is similar to other DSSABs and social housing organizations she's worked with.

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