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2014-03-12 at 11:21AM

Five years after shutdown, Marathon mayor says site of mill catching investors’ eyes

By tbnewswatch.com

Marathon’s Mayor remains hopeful that there will still be some work done at the former pulp mill site in his community.

Mayor Rick Dumas said despite the sale of the mill to an American company falling apart in January, something could still be done with the site.

“We’ve taken some opportunities to meet with some investors on that site,” the mayor said during an interview with CKPR Radio. “Obviously we can’t talk about those issues, but we are working behind the scenes and there are some opportunities there.”

The Marathon pulp mill shutdown five years ago. While there may be potential for the site of the mill, Dumas said the buildings there will need to be demolished.

Some of the buildings onsite currently represent safety issues.

(CKPR Radio)

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