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2014-03-16 at 6:03PM

Getting louder

By tbnewswatch.com

Calls for an event centre plebiscite are making their way to city hall.

Six presenters will appear before city council at their Monday evening meeting advocating for a question regarding the event centre to be added to October’s municipal election ballot.

They will appear on the same night council will be looking at moving ahead with the third phase of the feasibility component, with the majority of the $1.4 million study being funded by the provincial and federal governments.

The $106 million project would be practically shovel ready following the stage

The deputations come on the heels of a public meeting last Tuesday that supported a plebiscite.

A meeting held by a group of concerned taxpayers last week at the Mary J.L. Black Public Library drew approximately 100 people who voiced opposition against building an events centre.

For a few of them, it should at the very least be an idea decided by voters in the form of a ballot question.

An unscientific poll conducted by tbnewswatch.com on Feb. 10 saw 63 per cent of respondents vote in favour of adding a plebicite.

Also on the agenda is the former Cumberland Cinema Centre and council will hear plans to demolish the old theatre and replace it with a condominium building with underground parking facilities.

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