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2014-04-22 at 10:52AM

Green MPs predict minority House with more party colleagues

By Chase Kruger, for tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- Elizabeth May has no delusions of forming a Green Party majority government, but the party leader does believe a power shift is on the horizon.

Speaking to tbnewswatch.com during a recent Thunder Bay visit, May predicted that an election in 2015 would give her party significantly more seats than the two it has now. Currently May and MP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay - Superior North) hold those two Green Party seats in the House.

“I don’t expect to form a majority government and that I’ll be prime minister,” May said. “But I do think that it is very plausible that we have a caucus of at least 12 Members of Parliament."

Twelve seats is a modest representation in a legislature that features 308. But Hyer believes Canada is in for a minority government, a situation that he also believes gives a 12-seat party a unique position.

"I think the Green Party with an increased number of seats is going to hold a key position in helping with policies, ” he said.

But in order to become one of those MPs, Hyer will have to defend his seat under the Green Party banner.

Hyer was elected to the Thunder Bay - Superior North riding as an NDP member. After a falling out with his former party, Hyer served as an interdependent before joining the Green Party.

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