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2014-04-23 at 10:45AM

Impaired driver followed by witness after hat trick of crashes

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THUNDER BAY -- A demolition derby-style drive ended with police arresting a 47-year-old man Tuesday.

Thunder Bay Police Service officials say the first of three crashes involving a man driving a Ford pick-up truck took place on Picton Avenue. The driver collided into the side of a grey GMC pickup that was stopped in traffic on Red River Road.

After a brief conversation between the two drivers, the man driving the Ford fled the scene and headed west on Red River Road.

But the driver wasn’t done.

Shortly after fleeing from one collision, the man was involved in another. This time the crash site was at the corner of Red River Road and Highway 11-17.

The man had collided into the rear-end of a brown pickup at this intersection. The woman driving the brown truck tried to find a safe place to stop and call police. When she did stop, she was rear-ended a second time by the same vehicle.

The man, now involved in his third collision of the day, drove around the woman and fled the scene.

But unknown to this driver, a motorist who witnessed all three collisions was following close behind.

That witness followed the pick-up truck driver into the County Fair Plaza parking lot and was able to identify the driver to police when they arrived.

A 47 year old male, a resident of Gorham Township was arrested and charged with impaired driving, failing to provide breath samples, two counts of failing to remain at the scene of a collision, failing to stop for a stop sign, and driving with a suspended licence.

He was released with a court date.

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