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2014-06-25 at 2:27PM

Popular Shuniah beach to re-open with restrictions

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SHUNIAH, Ont. -- A small beach, which has been the focus of numerous lawsuits, will re-open this summer. 

But there will be numerous restrictions for those looking to use O'Connor Point. More than a year ago, the municipality of Shuniah was hit with three lawsuits totalling $3 million. 

Those were filed after families who live nearby claimed they had to put up with years of late-night partying, and stolen and damaged property.

A Superior Court Justice ordered the municipality to construct a chain link fence with a locked gate on the property.  Shuniah must also install a portable washroom and have security on site. 

Only residents from Shuniah and their guests can use the beach, between the hours of noon and 8 p.m., and they must have an access card.  

Marcel Tardif lives just down the beach from O'Connor Point. 

While he was not involved in the lawsuits he was a supporter. Tardif hopes the orders issued by the court will have a positive impact.

Officials with the municipality say until the fence is installed, O'Connor Point will remain closed. 

It's anticipated to open in early July.

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