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2014-08-06 at 3:44PM

Second meeting

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By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- For the second day in a row, Bombardier officials met face-to-face with members of the union representing its striking workers.

But just like the Tuesday meeting, Wednesday's discussions were not part of any official negotiations. Instead, the company and union discussed the obstacles each face in drafting a new collective agreement.

The Wednesday meeting between Unifor, which is representing nearly 900 striking local workers, and Bombardier did feature head of operations Aaron Rivers.

"We're hopeful that maybe some of these roadblocks can be discussed and we can move forward for the future," Bombardier spokeswoman Stephanie Ash said Wednesday afternoon.

"We're just pleased that we were able to have this meeting today."

Unifor Local 1075 president Dominic Pasqualino said they vented their frustration to the company, a major complaint from the union being the belief that Rivers had so far been missing from the conversation.

"We'd like the company to come to the bargaining table and have some open discussions with us," he said.

Safety protocols for when the company ships product was also discussed ahead of Bombardier's plans to head to court Thursday morning to seek an injunction to get stricter enforcement in place on the picket line.

Pasqualino remains adamant that the company is too busy focusing on protocol issues when it should be more concerned about a new collective agreement and getting people back to work.

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