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2014-08-07 at 1:56PM

‘Unfortunate’ remarks

By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

Paul Estrin was a hard worker for the Green Party and a good president, recalls MP Bruce Hyer.

The president stepped down this week after showing support for Israel, which contradicts the party's resolution calling for "engaged neutrality."

Hyer, deputy leader for the Green Party and the MP for the Thunder Bay - Superior North riding, said the party doesn't whip anyone, but Estrin identified himself as the president in his blog post titled "Why Gaza makes me sad."

"That was inappropriate because it was really quite different than the position that was taken by the party as a whole," Hyer said.

But Hyer stressed that Estrin stepped down on his own. No one threw him under the bus.

"It was unfortunate and I think he realized that he did the wrong thing and I certainly disagreed with what he did. I wouldn't have asked him to resign," he said. 

There's blame on both sides of the conflict, but Israel needs to be brought to heel, Hyer said.

He plans on taking the Conservative government to task for its unwavering support of Israel when the House of Commons resumes in September.

"Their response has not been measured and equal or even what's necessary to protect their own security," Hyer said.

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