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2014-08-07 at 4:13PM

Decision pending

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THUNDER BAY -- Bombardier and Unifor are now both awaiting a judge’s decision regarding its  picket line protocol.

An injunction hearing between Bombardier and Unifor, the union that represents the nearly 900 striking employees of the Montreal Street plant, went before the courts Thursday. The judge listened to both sides and promised a decision would be made soon.

But as of 4 p.m. Thursday, Unifor Local 1075 president Dominic Pasqualino said the decision wasn’t likely to be made before the end of the day.

Both the union and company had already agreed to a protocol for pickets, but Bombardier has since brought the issue back before the courts after claiming the union had breached its conditions.

Bombardier officials accuse the union of keeping their head of operations, Aaron Rivers, waiting at the picket line for more than an hour, which is beyond the 25-minute maximum outlined in the court-ordered protocol.

Since then the company and union have had two face-to-face meetings, but neither involved negotiations.

New court-ordered rules for pickets could see the union’s power to slow traffic entering the plant reduced, and could even result in fewer people at the picket line at any one time. In an interview with CKPR Radio Thursday afternoon, Pasqualino promised that his members would abide by any changes imposed by the judge.

“(Any changes) are completely up to the judge and we will abide by her decision,” he said.


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