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2009-09-07 at 19:53

Man in hospital after vicious brick attack

By Jamie Smith tbnewswatch
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A man is in hospital for reconstructive surgery after being attacked with bricks early Saturday morning in what his family calls a hate crime.

John "Jake" Raynard suffered 15 fractures to his cheekbone, a broken eye socket, a broken jaw and a broken upper palate when six to eight men surrounded him near a North Cumberland Street business.

Raynard, 30, and two friends were smoking outside of a bar after last call when a man approached them for a cigarette. The three friends walked away from the man after he became aggressive. Raynard said as they walked toward the Water Street Bus Terminal a group of males followed them shouting derogatory comments about their sexual orientation.

"It was like they were waiting in the woodwork," said Raynard, who is gay, from his hospital bed. "The crowd just seemed to get bigger."

One of the men grabbed Raynard's friend and started choking him. Raynard said he struck the man that was assaulting his friend and then began yelling at the group to try and scare them away.

"I managed to fend off six to eight people by yelling long enough to get them (Raynard's two friends) into a cab," said Raynard.

Once his friends were in the cab, Raynard said the group surrounded the taxi, preventing him from getting in. He decided to run through a nearby alley towards a local restaurant instead, grabbing a brick for self-defense as the men chased him.

"I was screaming loud enough to wake up six blocks," said Raynard. "How did nobody hear me?"

He said the last thing he remembers is banging on the window of a nearby fast-food restaurant for help before waking up in the emergency room of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre on Saturday afternoon.

"I could have bled to death, " said Raynard. "I'm lucky to be alive."

Raynard's sister, Jackii Raynard, said her brother called her from the hospital at 1 p.m. She said hospital officials told her they had no idea how he got there. She said she is speaking out because she wants the community to know what happened to her brother.

"What happened that night was a hate crime," said Jackii Raynard. "They broke the whole left side of his face. His face speaks for itself."

Thunder Bay Police Service spokesman Chris Adams confirmed that the police service is investigating the incident.

Police officers are in the process of identifying the people who will be interviewed for the investigation. Included in those interviews would be Raynard and three other victims who were allegedly assaulted.

All four people were taken to the hospital following the attack, however, the injuries of the three other possible victims are unknown at this time.

A facebook group has been created in an effort to support Raynard.

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advocate says:
Geez, this is disgusting. I would hope that in the year 2009 people would be beyond this.
9/7/2009 9:10:56 PM
one_question says:
What I don't understand is how those men knew mr. Raynard was homosexual? Also, why did the man who asked for a cigarette become aggressive? This is a terrible crime and I hope for the speedy recovery of mr. Raynard.
9/7/2009 10:30:26 PM
realist says:
I can't believe anyone would treat another human being list this. I hope they find these jerks and throw them behind bars for a long time.
9/7/2009 10:32:26 PM
digdug76 says:
These guys are "real men". You know, fighting someone proves how "manly" you are. Fighting them with the aid of many other friends makes you quite possibly the "manliest" person in the world.

..more like the biggest cowards. Way to go guys, you're "real men"!
9/7/2009 10:45:08 PM
SuckItHarper says:
What a shame.
9/7/2009 11:54:41 PM
Escroft says:
It's getting really bad out there. You have to watch your back no matter where you go, especially at night. Our police force, even though it has a good record, cannot be everywhere at once. How could no one hear his cries for help? Maybe people heard, but they did nothing. I recall watching the same thing on tv the other day about how a savage beating took place in a Philadelphia subway, and everyone just stood there and watched, or ran away, while the man, who was just dozing off, was just suddenly attacked with a claw-hammer. If such attacks are starting to show face here, then anyone who walks during the night is in danger. I wish this young man a good recovery, and the scumbags put in a cell where they belong.
9/8/2009 2:15:53 AM
advocate says:
One_Question, there is one bar in PA that has a high volume of homosexual clients. It also has a lot of heterosexual ones too. They mix together with no problem in the world. I am assuming that was the bar he came out of.
9/8/2009 9:06:46 AM
kiko says:
@ one_question:The bar he came out of it now known as the alternative lifestyle bar: the gay bar..

And, I think this whole this is disgusting, I meant he abuse people have for being themselves. Jake didn't deserve this at all!
I wish you a speedy recovery Jake!!
9/8/2009 9:13:27 AM
tbaygal27 says:
I'm speechless. This poor man did nothing to deserve this. Can't wait until these people are caught and their names released to the public. Then there might be some retribution. I'll gladly help. This is Thunder Bay, friends, do you think that the people who did this are going to remain anonymous for long? Let's be honest, there really are not too many unfamiliar faces in this city, it's only a matter of time before it is all out in the open. The people that did this will probably have to leave town :)
Mr. Raynard, I am truly saddened and enraged that this has happened to you. I wish you a speedy recovery. I think you are a hero, your two friends probably feel the same.
9/8/2009 10:28:42 AM
mk122 says:
this is horrible. I never thought that this type of thing would happen in t bay. Here's to a speedy recovery for Jake, and justice coming down on the heads of the cowards who did this.
9/8/2009 11:08:06 AM
LindzyD says:
This is obscene. I hope that the sick jerks that did that get what's comming to them.

To the people responsible or to anyone who knows who did this, go to the cops and report them, the cops can't possible be worse then what will happen to them when people find out, and this is Thunder Bay the people WILL find out!
9/8/2009 11:10:15 AM
kvander says:
terrible...awful..I'm straight and got mistaken for Gay all the time when I dj'd in Thunder Bay.I now live in Toronto and still once a few weeks ago some guy in a pick up truck yelled f**** f** at me as I was crossing a side walk..Hate crimes like what they did to this poor guy should get a maximum punishment..They could have killed the guy
9/8/2009 11:19:32 AM
momtoomany says:
I am not surprised in this city that this has happened. I am MAD as hell and very frustrated that it is not safe to go into some area's after dark. Thunder Bay used to be very safe in almost all area's of town. Now with all the stabbings and robberies, you have to look over your shoulder everywhere you go. We need more police, we need to advocate and fight for more money to hire officers to patrol our downtown cores and lately some Fort William neighbourhoods where stabbings are an everyday occurence. And finally to the people who did this...yes...this really is a small city and everyone eventually finds out who did what. So start packing and leave, you are not welcome here.
9/8/2009 12:14:04 PM
The Cursed says:
My best wishes go out to Mr. Raynard and a speedy recovery as well ... this is beyond pathetic. I am truly glad Mr.Raynard and his sister Jackii allowed TB News Watch to use his photo as it gives a face to the victim of this pathetic crime. I hope when these animals are caught that they are charged with Attempted Murder and not aggravated assault. My message to these animals is simple .... you will be caught it's just a matter of time so get your things together and prepare to say goodbye to your family and friends (if you have any left after this) for a long while. While you are all in jail you will leave your families with nothing but shame and they will have to live with that while you all rot away in jail. I hope the justice system does the right thing and attempted murder charges are handed down in this case it would be a travesty if they are charged with anything less. To those that did this ... please go take a look in mirror and look long and hard and come to terms with the fact that your lives are over as you knew them. You've changed Mr.Raynard's life for now but I'm sure he will bounce back stronger then ever while you are all sitting in cells wondering why you did it and what's it's done to those that love you or did love you. Any value you had as a human prior to Saturday night is gone forever... live with it.
9/8/2009 12:57:35 PM
sc says:
More often than not stories such as Jake's only receive an honourable mention in the news. Jake, thank you for sharing your story.
Wishing you a speedy recovery and hoping that the people who did this to you are caught and jailed.

Hopefully Jake's story will open the eyes of anyone in Thunder Bay who didn't believe the severity of the violence that goes on here.
9/8/2009 1:16:33 PM
kvescio says:
It's pretty bad when you and your friends can't even go out, without getting brutally attacked, it shouldn't matter if your black or white, or gay or straight, because underneath our exterior were all pretty much equal.
9/8/2009 1:48:32 PM
Smack says:
Growing up we all remember Thunder Bay being a great small town, a place where you could hang out in parks at night with your friends, walk down the street alone at night , returning home from a friends place... now a days its a lot of drunk, redneck, insecure jerks that have given up on their own lives , lurching around corners waiting to cause pain in someone else's lives b/c theirs didn't turn out the way they wanted. It's sad that this is starting to be what you see downtown, or now even in our commonly safe areas of town, ex. Grandview, and so forth..

Everyone else who has written a comment is right, it wont be long before everyone here in this city will find out who they were, and I dont even live in Thunder Bay anymore,and it was only a matter of hours that I found out what happened. This is one of the reasons ppl leave our hometown.., its because of the closed mindedness. As beautiful a place our home town is, these actions from select individuals is more than enough to keep other "gay's" such as myself and other "minority's" (why do you think there are very few black ppl?!)away,, and live in a bigger city where we have a chance to prosper, not b/c of who we are sexually attracted to, or what background we are... but because of our talents and aspirations. I won't be shocked when we finally find out who these ppl were that did this, I will know at least one or two of them, and when that time happenes, which will be soon enough hopefully, I will do everything in my power to make their lives a living hell. I have frequented that bar on many occasions, and I've had sorta the same situation happen with me and my friends. We were in vehicles mind you, but they waited in their big ole redneck truck (shocker, i know..) and they decided to tailgate us for blocks and blocks.. as soon as i would switch lanes to try and let them go ahead, they would switch lanes and keep behind me. It got to the point where i was basically running red lights to get away, as I have an older small car that isnt in the best of shape, so there was basically no chance of me out running them. We slammed on the breaks, as they did as well, they got out, as I did, and they started yelling and getting aggressive. At this point, I had my friends in the car, and my first priority was their safety, so I put myself back in the car and we continued to do dodge them threw backstreets, and foolishly we didnt call the police which was our first mistake.

This is my friends and I's story, but I know there are more of this nature which is not only sickening, but just plain gut wrenching. I pray for a quick and full recovery for you Jake. And I cant wait for them to catch them, so you can start getting some justice, even though what they will get will not be enough justice, I hope we can use this unfort. event to perminatly change this once great city of ours. ... and thinking about it, would this fast food place not have security cams??.. perhaps these ppl would be caught on there??.. heres to hoping!

All my best to you Jake, and your family.
9/8/2009 2:09:36 PM
Clint says:
I suspect many people making positive comments have gay friends, are gay themselves or followed the link at the xtra website. The wider community in Thunder Bay will be largely indifferent to this story at best, or at worst, will even support those who assaulted Raynard. Note the growing number of thumbs down to comments condemning this as an atrocious crime. I'd bet more local people are hearing this story, and these are the pigs actually disagreeing with the notion that Jake did not deserve this and it's unacceptable in today's world. There is a shocking amount of anti-gay sentiment in Thunder Bay. One constantly hears homophobic comments in casual everyday conversation, including liberal use of the "f" word to refer to gay males.
I know of a homophobic assault that happened at Lakehead University about ten years ago. An article in the student newspaper had to educate people that "Also, gaybashing is a hate crime". Yeah, no kidding! I can only commend and admire the victim's sister in Jake's case. However, it's sad that she even feels the need to defend her brother by arguing something that would simply be accepted anywhere else in today's developed world: bashing the side of someone's face because they're gay is a hate crime. I wish Jake and Jackii the best. Your courage in speaking out will hopefully make a difference. I know of assualts which happened in the past which were not reported as hate crimes, because the victim was too ashamed or closeted to speak out. Words can harldy express how much I admire both of you, especially, Jake obviously. He took care of his friends, before he worried about himself and his own safety.
9/8/2009 5:50:39 PM
tom0066 says:
Who cares what someones sexual orientation is, what color they are or how they dress. Everyone has equal right to go out and do what they want to do. They shouldn't be beaten for being who they are. This is ridiculous what happened. I hope the people that did this get what's coming to them.
9/9/2009 7:04:08 AM
mynametoo says:
This is a very disgusting and horrific thing to happen and I am very upset by it. I'm wondering though, why did the cab driver not call the police? And why didn't the 2 friends who got in the cab call? Did they even notice he wasn't in the cab?
9/9/2009 9:41:05 AM
Darlene says:
Unfortunately, the people commenting here don't reflect the narrow-minded mentality of so many in this city. But, I'm relieved that there still are some open minded people living here. Have to admit, I don't meet very many like minded folks these days, especially concerning rights and freedoms in this country. There has been and probably always will be a huge anti-gay attitude here, especially by men. It's called racism. They are called cowards. Thunder Bay is full of hate, fear and racism. Always has been. I have no solutions. I've accepted the fact that that's the way things are here. It's a city with a lot of potential, but for reasons I can't understand, it's always struggling and resisting change. Many say the words, but in reality don't practice "Love thy neighbour". They'd rather act out their fears and try to kill him. If you're a gay male here, expect that you will be victim to a hate crime. This story is just a mere glimpse into the dark, ugly side of this city. If you didn't know this before the story was made public, you do now. Be extra vigilant no matter where you are. I hope the cops actually take this case seriously and leave no stone unturned to find the criminals responsible. I hope the fact that he's gay doesn't deter them from doing a thorough investigation, but I admit, I have doubts. People here are so close-minded and anti this or anti that, it's amazing that anything actually gets done. Hopefully, Jake will fully recover from this ordeal and gets justice. Kudos to his sister for coming forward with this. If you're gay, you have nothing to be ashamed about.
9/9/2009 10:49:47 AM
T-BaySucks says:
I am not one bit surprised about this attack. This is Thunder Bay we are talking about. Nobody is safe here anymore. That's what it's become over the years. Worse now than it ever has been. Crackheads-pilljunkies, drunks and "gangs" are taking over our city in abundance. What can we do....speak out, but in all reality is that going to stop the random robberies, or beatings that occur when the lights are out--and nobody sees? Highly unlikely. What this city does need is more policing in the areas that need it most. Sadly to say is now most main areas in town. Downtown Pa is just horrible. CLEAN IT UP THUNDER BAY!!! HOping a fast recovery for Jake. xoxox
9/9/2009 11:19:04 AM
jb says:
"The wider community in Thunder Bay will be largely indifferent to this story at best, or at worst, will even support those who assaulted Raynard." - You’re part of the problem if you truly believe that the actions of 8 people speak for the community as a whole and I'm pretty insulted by your comment. Why are your ignorant assumptions any different from someone who is making judgments about another person based on their race/religion or sexual orientation? Unfortunately, getting jumped/beaten up by a swarm of people is not all that uncommon in this city or any other city in the Western world. If the victim is of a different race, does that make the whole city bigots? If the victim is Jewish, does that make the whole population anti Semitic? No, it does not. Also, you seem to be more concerned that a group of idiots were yelling F***** rather than the fact that they almost beat Mr Raynard to death. Yes, there are ignorant people in this town and they come in all colours and creeds but they definitely do not share the views of the majority of our population.
Your statement that the positive comments must only be coming from people who have gay friends, relatives or are gay themselves is just as absurd. As far as the comment dislike/downvoting goes, look at any other article with comments on this site and you'll see that people click the thumbsdown just for the sake of clicking it. There are several positive articles and comments on this site that have "thumbsdown" votes for no other reason than someone being a jerk.
9/9/2009 12:07:03 PM
gemcourtjd says:
Our best wishes to you from Idaho for a speedy recovery Jake! It seems these attacks are on the rise all over the world - ar at least in North America. We need to find out what is contributing to the rise in violence and start educating people about tolerance, prevention and self defence.
9/9/2009 12:28:01 PM
lindzyD says:
I heard on the radio this morning that local police don't know if this is a hate crime! If not this then what the hell is?!?! If the persone this happened to was Jewish or black and the attacker was shouting racial slurs against them there would be no hesitation!
9/9/2009 12:53:24 PM
kenoragirl says:
"I suspect many people making positive comments have gay friends, are gay themselves" - if you think that you are not friends with or know any gay people then you are living with your head in a paper bag. One in ten to twelve people are gay. It's time to wake up and live in the real world with the rest of us.
9/9/2009 2:11:01 PM
Clint says:
jb: I don't want to make this personal, between both of us. However, there are some things I must say.
Take your head out of the sand, or where ever else you have it buried. These assaults don't happen in a social vacuum. I was perfectly justified in pointing out the high level of homophobia in Thunder Bay, which leads to such violent manifestations where someone can be almost beaten to death because the group he belongs to has been dehumanized with the "f" word, used against gay men.
See the evidence before you, and kindly stop trying to divert from the issue at hand, and play the victim.
You're more concerned with your own offence and sence of pride for living in Thunder Bay, than you are for getting to root causes ofthe specific issue. There is a problem in this city.
9/9/2009 2:19:34 PM
Clint says:
Kenoragirl: You misunderstood. I meant to say a lot of people in Thunder Bay will be indifferent, and so would not be leaving many positive comments condemning this homophobic beating as inhuman and showing sympathy for the victim. I noticed such comments only began appearing after the article was linked at the xtra website, and after some of my gay friends shared it on facebook.
9/9/2009 2:30:58 PM
kenoragirl says:
Clint - Apologies, now that I have gone back and read your original post a few more times I realize that I did misinterpret the tone of your post. I hope that you'll be pleasantly surprised at the number of people who turn out to the rally on Friday.
9/9/2009 3:26:45 PM
advocate says:
Well I can say one thing. When this story gets more traffic and more comments than the most popular ones (Marina, Forestry Industry, Politics) and all of the comments have stood against the idea of attacking someone over what goes on in their personal lives. While there have been a few individuals offering "Thumbs Down," I am proud to say that people are getting better as we are collectively standing against these types of crimes. Great job everyone!!!
9/9/2009 4:11:25 PM
jb says:
Clint - 2 things

First, at least we both agree how callous and senseless this attack was. I don't know John Raynard or his family but I definitely feel for all of them right now and hope that the “people” who did are caught and get what they deserve. I hope that Mr. Raynard is able to fully recover both physically and psychologically although I know that it would be impossible to entirely recover from an assault of this magnitude.
Second - of course I have a sense of pride for where I live. If I didn't like it here, I wouldn't have moved back. Anyway, I don't think you read my whole comment because you didn't really address what I said. My issue is with your statement which suggests that the majority of people in Thunder Bay would support the actions of the attackers. Your assumptions are no different than those of the ignorant who judge others based on their sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, social status, race, etc. Yes, your comment is very insulting because you are insinuating that myself, along with my friends, family, colleagues & neighbours have the same ignorant & homophobic views as the individuals who attacked Mr. Raynard. Your comment is no less insulting than it is to hear people use the F word, N word, or the B word, or to hear people use the word “gay” in a derogatory sense to describe something that they don’t think is “cool”. Do you see where I'm going with this? What makes you think that you can you make insulting/derogatory comments about a group of people while at the same time condemn the individuals who shouted out “f**** “ and brutally beat John Raynard? And yes, I realize that there is a problem with all kinds of discrimination in Thunder Bay. I see/hear it every day and have also been the victim several times because of the colour of my skin. I’m just not as naive as you to think that discrimination doesn’t happen in other cities. Instead of making asinine comments, you should try to influence people around you to be more tolerant of others.
9/9/2009 5:51:07 PM
hobbesian_scholar says:
My thoughts are with the injured individuals as well as those in this city who identify as homosexual. While the direct victims of this crime were attacked physically, the rest of the gay community was attacked symbolically. Hate crimes don't only impact individuals - they are also attempts at terrorizing a particular community.

Any sort of attack on anyone is dispicable but when that attack is motivated by someone's immutable characteristics, it is a concerning reminder of the extent to which parts of society are so intolerant.

LindzyD: Don't be too quick to cast stones at the police for not confirming that this was a hate crime. While it likely IS a hate crime, it is very difficult to officially label a crime as being hate-motivated, so the police must be cautious and investigate thoroughly. Homophobic utterances were apparently spewed, and this can be used to buttress the argument that this was a hate-motivated crime. Nonetheless, PROVING the nature of the intent (or mens rea element) of the offense is a challenge.

9/9/2009 6:30:32 PM
Clint says:
I wrote "largely", to refer to either indifference or support for the assailants in Thunder Bay. Largely can mean to a large degree, not necessarily the majority.
However, this is going the way I could have predicted. One sees it all the time in letters in the Chronicle-Joural, where the majority will claim they are victimized, whenever observations are made to a mammothly bigger problem of a minority group being excluded or otherwise dealing with hatred. Men will claimed they are assualted by women, when the bigger problem of women being beaten by men is brought up. This is merely a diversion from the issue. It's a common right-wing tactic. If you want to believe I am just as bad as the hatemongers who specifically targets a marginalized minority for their identity, you are blind to the social reality of this situation. How many people are being bashed upside the face, because they are from Thunder Bay, or because they belong to a majority group?
9/9/2009 6:42:52 PM
Clint says:
JB: One other thing for clarity: my negative comments were directed at those who are indifferent or who would support the men who did this. I did not say the majority of people in Thunder Bay are like this, nor that every single person in Thunder Bay is like this. I said it is a large problem. I made a distinction, unlike homophobes who target someone simply for being gay.

Kenoragirl: I hope there is a large show of support. Also not only from the usual network of people "in the know" about these things, in the not so visible gay community of Thunder Bay. You know what I mean. However, that's not to say it's not important that they come out. Just that it would be even better if there were a "bigger tent". That's also what I was alluding to when I spoke to broad indifference out there in my earlier post.
9/9/2009 6:53:08 PM
Clint says:
jb: 1-I didn't say everyone in Thunder Bay is this way. I said in the wide community of Thunder Bay there will be "large" indifference or support for those who did this. Large doesn't necessarily mean the majority, nor does it mean every Thunder Bayite. It can be used to point to a big problem. I am specifically referring to those who are indifferent or even supportive of those involved in the assualt.
2. To say I am as bad as those who target a minority group, which is already marginalized, even if I were referring to all Thunder Bayites, is to give no context of social reality to the issue. How many people are brutally assualted simply for revealing they are from Thunder Bay and proud of it, or for saying they belong to the majority group? Compare this to minorities, or women who are assualted by men.
9/9/2009 7:28:21 PM
Clint says:
Well, it doesn't seem like I am being able to correct the record here, and that's unfortunate. I'll try again.
I didn't say everyone in Thunder Bay is homophobic or indifferent. I said there is a very large number. The experience of myself and others in Thunder Bay is important to note for this issue. Many who have experienced homophobia do feel it is really bad here. Worse than in other places. We have been alienated from the "wider" city as I referred to it. The gay community is not very visible, and relies a lot on a word of mouth "in the know" type thing when it comes to getting together and planning events. You can't just brush our experiences aside. I also don't think anyone is being physically assaulted because they are a Thunder Bayite or are part of the majority group. Their reality is much different. Thus, I reject that I am just as bad for pointing out that there is a huge problem here, and for targetting only those albeit a large number, who need to wake up.
9/9/2009 7:54:03 PM
mt says:
Wont be making it to the rally as I work, but will be there in spirit. Heard the news this morning and am positively infuriated. There is no place for this type of behaviour in our city. There is no place for misplaced hate, even without violence.

Although change doesnt typically happen overnight, perhaps this incident will open eyes. An extreme example, but this might be what it takes for some people to realize that derogatory actions/remarks based on something as goddamn superficial as sexual orientation (even ethnicity, religion, etc..) are not ok. As I believe someone mentioned, the gay and lesbian community comprises about 10% of the population. These people have friends and families. Chances are good that casual use of the 'f' word, even if not around anyone who are themselves gay, will be offensive to someone. We need to shift away from these attitudes as a community. If enough people care, change is inevitable. Thunder bay, this is my challenge to you:

Do something.
9/10/2009 12:47:00 AM
pdemasi says:
The men who did this, need to come clean, man up, and face the music.
9/10/2009 1:06:29 AM
Ali says:
When I read this story I was in shock, this is just heartbreaking. It angers me that this has happened. I cant help but wonder what went through there head as they were committing this horrific hate crime, what could have possibly made them think this was acceptable that they had the right to do this to someone just because they are different, I would say everyones the same and we all human but to do somthing like this is not humane, the "things" that did this you should be more then ashamed & remember in the end Karma always comes back to bite you in the rear.. Goodluck on your recovery Jake , remember there might be those few haters but so many more that stand behind you proud
9/10/2009 11:33:11 AM
mellers says:
people are people! i don't care what your religion is, what colour you are or what your sexual orientation is. we all need to eat, we all pee yellow, we all bleed red. we have the same rights in many places and that is all that matters.

i am a woman, i am an easy target and i haven't been attacked. so why target the gay population? are you afraid of your own sexuality?

i am a alternative lifestyle companion and i love my gay friends.
9/10/2009 7:43:03 PM
Edna says:
I live in Thunder Bay. I moved here 3 years ago. It's an intolerant, horrid little city. Generally speaking, you have two types of people here, those that hate everyone and those that feel they are above everyone. Aboriginal get full cans of pop thrown at them while they walk the streets, gays get taunted (and obviously beaten) on the street, 'others' are told to "go back to were they come from". A light needs to be shone on this little town of hate!
9/10/2009 11:26:04 PM
aslouren says:
I think that this kind of crime is disgusting. How can someone have so much anger to almost commit murder over someone's sexual orientation. These criminals need to look within themselves to find out why they have such low self-esteem. And why are other people "disliking" the comments against these criminals? Doesn't anyone realize that actions like these will haunt you and negatively affect your life in the end?
9/11/2009 9:50:20 AM
LoveNOH8 says:
I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and your friend. People who attack people because of their sexual orientation are monsters and should not be allowed to roam freely. I am sending you love for speedy healing, physically and emotionally. Know that you are loved and there are many people fighting to prevent this kind of heinous crime. Please feel the love.
9/11/2009 8:41:24 PM
batchlorette says:
I'm wondering why his 2 friends and/or the cab driver didn't help or call 911? Why would your so called friends leave him trying to fend off 6 to 8 guys. Why wouldn't the cab driver get on his radio and a the very least tell the dispatcher what was going on. If 6 to 8 men were surrounding his cab I'm sure he (the cab driver) felt a little threatened too. Cab drivers have been stabbed and robbed many times over the years so I would assume some kind of call would have gone out. But nothing states this.....hmmmmm. What happen to these other victims? Why does the headline say that "Man in hospital after vicious brick attack"
when clearly in the article it states "He decided to run through a nearby alley towards a local restaurant instead, grabbing a brick for self-defense as the men chased him." but states nothing of the men having a brick. It is very unfortunate what happen to him, but still the question remains...why didn't your friends or the city cab driver help or call 911 when there were 6 to 8 guys beating on one!
9/12/2009 8:56:18 AM
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