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2012-12-22 at NOON

Game on

By Jamie Smith,
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Hundreds of local kids agree, ministick hockey is a lot of fun.

Around 240 of them packed into the gymnasium at the former PACI Saturday as 60 teams competed for the title of EPIC Ministick Tournament champion.

“Its controlled mayhem,” Lakehead Thunderwolves hockey executive director Jason Mallon said over the roar of eight games taking place behind him. ”There are lots of different things going on.”

Mallon said everyone loves ministicks. He grew up playing it and now his kids are doing the same.

“Kids love it. It’s just another way of playing hockey,” he said.

And the tournament helps the Thunderwolves keep playing hockey as the money goes to the team.

“It just helps us put a team on the ice every year,” he said.

The tournament was a first for 10-year-old Robert Squitti. Sweaty from a recent game, he said his favourite part so far was how physical the games have been.

“I thought it would be fun and to get some physical activity in,” he said. “Just have some fun with friends.”

Although the 12-minute games can be a little rough 10-year-old Jerimiah Hole, who plays in net for his real hockey team, said all the kids are really nice. He said the best part for him was getting to play with friends.

“Lots of congratulating people,” he said.

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