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2013-01-18 at 15:49

Lost and found

By Leith Dunick,
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THUNDER BAY -- Hunter became the hunted in December.

Hunter, a possible wolfhound mix, who got his name after being turned into the Thunder Bay and District Humane Society, had been roaming the woods some 60 kilometres north of the city when a pair hunters stumbled upon the lovable pooch and his seriously ill sidekick.

Abandoned by its owners or an escapee, there was no telling how long the dogs had been wandering. All the two men knew was they couldn’t let the poor hounds suffer.

Maryann Kleynendorst, executive director at the Humane Society, said their persistence paid off.

Hunter was captured rather quickly, though it took several trips back to the site for the second dog to lose its fear of humans and succumb to the food left out to lure it into captivity.

Unfortunately the wound on the side of the second dog was an open cancer sore, and after being examined by a vet, it was determined the best course of action was to put the dog down.

The neutered Hunter is likely between seven and 10 years old has rebounded well and is ready to be adopted.

It’s an amazing story, Kleynendorst said.

“Somebody at some point loved him enough to get him neutered. Whether these two dogs escaped from somebody and ran away, whether they were dumped up there, we really have no way of knowing,” she said.

An exhaustive search of records shows no missing dogs fitting the description of the two animals.

“I don’t know where they came from. It’s really impossible to know.”

What she does know is how friendly Hunter is.

In fact, for now, he has the run of the Rosslyn Road facility.

“He’s a pretty cool guy. He was pretty lethargic when he first came and very, very emaciated. He’s done well. We’ve had him vet checked twice now and had blood work run on him last week. His organ function is quite normal,” she said.

“It’s taking him a while longer than we would like to gain the weight back, but he’s picked up a little bit. He’s really good with cats, he’s really good with other dogs. He’s kind of a couch potato. He likes to just lay around and he likes to get up and go outside and do his thing. Then he’s more than happy to come back in and lie on his bed again. He doesn’t really like to be left alone.”

Kleynendorst said she’s already had interest from one woman in Geraldton who is coming to see Hunter to see if he’d be a good adoption fit. But the organization said there are no guarantees and she welcomes the public to stop by for a visit.

Without the two hunters, Kleynendorst said, Hunter’s story almost assuredly wouldn’t have had as happy an ending.

“These guys, that brought these dogs to us, the dedication they showed going back and back and back, day after day after day, giving up their hunting trip in a lot of ways, was amazing.”

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animallover says:
Kudos to the hunters that saved these two. Although one was ill, at least he knew some caring at the end of his life. I am sure that Hunter will be a wonderful pet to his new humans! Rescues are awesome pets! Please don't shop, adopt.
1/18/2013 4:38:50 PM
razor_burn says:
Hopefully the owners learn a lesson here. Tie up you stupid dogs!!!
1/18/2013 7:45:48 PM
spinme says:
And your comment mimics a terrible mentality that Thunder Bay has -- "tie up the dogs". I have never lived in a town with so many dogs tied up in the yard day and night, cold or hot, all year round with very little social and play opportunity, little opportunity to go past the 4 feet from where he or she is tied from. What's the point in having a dog if you're just going to tie it up and leave it there? They don't deserve that... If you get a dog, treat em as family because that is what they are. Walk them, feed them, play with them.

And to Hunter, I am glad some kind people found you. I hope you find a new happy home to lay around in bed and be petted. You deserve it!
1/19/2013 8:52:19 AM
fan says:
I think you meant to say:
"Hopefully the stupid owners learned a lesson here. Tie up your dogs."
1/19/2013 9:10:46 AM
CM Punk says:
I agree, even though the one dog had a fatal fate, its last moments were dealt with care and dignity.
The rescuers are awesome for sure and just goes to show that there are some compassionate people left in the world.
1/18/2013 10:23:23 PM
lance says:
Stupid dogs?? I suggest you choose your adjectives a little better next time razor. Good job to the hunters who found him
1/19/2013 9:48:58 AM
rootbear says:
Animal owners that let stuff like this happen, neglect, abuse and just all round not caring, should have the same done to them! They disgust me. If they treat animals this way they probably treat family and friends that way. What goes around comes around.
1/19/2013 10:26:51 AM
razor_burn says:
Couldn't agree more rootbear. are correct. It's not the dog that's stupid. It's the owners. Spinme...people who treat their pets like humans by dressing them up, carrying them, letting them sleep in the same bed, etc. are mentally ill and need help.
1/19/2013 1:32:27 PM
spinme says:
Nowhere in my comment did I suggest dressing your dogs up and carrying them anywhere. Is that what you think treating your dog like family means? I feel sorry for you.

I have a rottweiler - last thing I would do is dress her up and well, I certainly couldn't carry her if I tried - but I wouldn't if I could.

A dog doesn't deserve to be tied down with no contact with anyone - that's imprisonment. Why get a dog if you're just going to do that?

Your job as a dog owner is to enrich the dog's life and keep them healthy and happy as you would any family member.

Dogs deserve walks, hikes, playtime, human contact, other dog contact, clean water good food, to be social, have tasks to do, a warm place to sleep.

Anyway, whatever Hunter's story, I wish him all the best on his second opportunity and kudos to the hunters who took the time to save him.
1/20/2013 9:28:14 AM
localdog says:
My dogs sleep on my bed, they sleep where they want in my house because my animals are a part of my family and treated as such. Judging by your comments which seem to advocate for animal abuse and neglect and I feel bad for any animal that might have the misfortune of having to live a life in your care, or lack thereof.
1/20/2013 9:43:56 AM
tinker66 says:
I met Hunter at the Humane Society and he is such a lovable dog! Those hunters were amazing to dedicate their time like that...Koodos to them. Sad about Hunter's buddy tho...but thank goodness he was able to be rescued and euthanized humanely instead of succumbing to his illness alone in the bush!
1/19/2013 2:25:42 PM
spooner19 says:
razor_burn says:
Hopefully the owners learn a lesson here. Tie up you stupid dogs!!!

You make a comment like that and your calling dogs stupid? Take a good look in the mirror!
1/20/2013 1:32:38 AM
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