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2013-01-20 at NOON

Rocked out

By Jamie Smith,
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Local cadets couldn’t help drifting off to sleep Sunday morning.

More than 100 of them had been awake for the past 24 hours, rocking for a good cause. They took part in the second annual Rock-a-thon at the HMCS Griffon over the weekend, raising food donations for the Lakehead University Food Bank and Underground Gym.

“They’re sacrificing their weekend and their fun time to come here and learn about hunger and poverty in our community and do what they can to help,” Lt. Laura Nahle said.

The cadets took one-hour shifts rocking in chairs, and even a rocking horse, while members of the community showed up throughout the day and night to cheer them on and drop off donations. While the event raised more than 1,600 pounds of food last year, the weather kept people away. Still, the estimated 400 pounds they did get kept the cadets optimistic Nahle said.

“The people that did come out and donate we really appreciate them braving the roads and the snow and coming out and helping us out,” she said.

When they weren’t rocking, cadets were treated to fun and games along with a dance party. Organizer Arnold Young, 17, said it was a good time. Because all six local cadet programs participate, it was a great way to meet new people as well.

“It’s a pretty laid back atmosphere. You just sit in the rocking chair and have fun,” he said.

But there was an educational element as well. The theme of the night was “Eye Wide Open”. They learned about what it means to be homeless and impoverished in the community.

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imhere says:
The kids had a good time. I know both of mine passed out very quickly after getting home. Great job teens!!!!! Hopefully next time the weather will co-operate better.
1/21/2013 9:37:00 AM
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