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2013-12-12 at 17:07

Unique designs

By Jodi Lundmark, tbnewswatch.com
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Creativity in the 2013 Rotary Christmas Parade was recognized Thursday.

Four awards for floats from the Nov. 16 parade were given out at the Regional Food Distribution Association.

The Governor's Choice award was given to Experience Dance for their Alice in Wonderland themed float.

Experience Dance's Karen Jardine said the idea for the float came from their recital theme for the year and dancers were dressed as characters from the famous story, including Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit.

"The dance parents put so much work into it so I'm really glad they were acknowledged by this award," said Jardine, noting about 25 people helped create the float.

The RFDA won for most original Christmas theme; the 178th Thunder Bay Boys Scouts of Canada won in the community group/service club category and TBayTel topped the commercial category.

Parade co-chair Gail Kromm said they use the award to recognize the efforts people put into the floats.

"A lot of them have worked hard, many hours of planning and getting materials together and getting people together," she said.

"It's nice to acknowledge all for their efforts and letting them know people recognize it."
The winners were chosen by a panel of judges who poured over pictures of the floats.
Kromm said she was impressed with the creativity in the floats this year.

"Everybody was really getting into the Christmas spirit and the festivities and sharing their excitement for the season," she said.



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