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2013-12-13 at 21:56

Family skate

By Matt Vis,
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Christine Vita appreciates the work done by P.R.O. Kids in the community.

That’s why she brought her family to the Rockin’ Santa Family Skate at the Fort William Gardens on Friday evening.

The event is in support of P.R.O. Kids, which assists financially disadvantaged families with the enrollment costs of different community activities.

Vita brought her daughters Jessica and Jordan as well as niece Victoria and nephew Jordan to the event.

“We decided to support P.R.O. Kids because it’s an awesome organization and gives a lot to our kids and community to get involved with recreation activities they might not be able to afford otherwise,” Vita said.

“I’ve known a lot of families that have joined P.R.O. Kids and have had awesome opportunities.”

Laura Daniele, coordinator for P.R.O. Kids, said the event usually attracts an average of nearly 400 participants and raises about $1,500.

“There seems to be a general interest to get out on the ice and have some family time,” Daniele said. “It’s a feel good, warm and fuzzy thing to do on a Friday night.”

Participating in the skate were three Lakehead Thunderwolves hockey rookies: Justin McDonald, Paul Thompson and Andrew Tessier.

Daniele said the Thunderwolves are annual supporters of the event and are a big draw to children looking to have some interaction with their favourite local hockey heroes.

Vita said her young daughters enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to skate while warm in the indoor venue with their cousins and friends.

In addition to the skating, other activities included face painting and a chuck-a-duck toss along with concession stands.

A second Skate with Santa event in support of P.R.O. Kids will take place on Saturday at the outdoor rink at Prince Arthur’s Landing.

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rootbear says:
at least it won't be -35 at the marina just a balmy -17
12/14/2013 12:16:00 PM
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