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2013-12-14 at 15:00

Moving forward

By Matt Vis,
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The Thunder Bay District Humane Society is ready to look towards the future after years of being in a touch-and-go situation.

The organization is commencing a search for their first full-time executive director in nearly a year after determining they are on steady financial ground.

Board president Judy Decicco said the Humane Society used former board president Glen Wilson as a part-time executive director in the interim, but have now evaluated that they are ready to move forward.

“We were still financially not that stable, so this was a good intermediate means to get us through the position we were in to where we are today,” Decicco said on Friday.

The Rosslyn Road based Humane Society has been operating without a full-time executive director since February when Maryann Kleynendhorst stepped down after receiving another job opportunity.

In addition to being the shelter manager and overseeing staff and programs, the new executive director is going to be tasked with seeking sustainable fundraising to keep the facility financially stable.

Decicco said they are looking for candidates with business and human resources experience, as well as being adaptable.

The Humane Society has recently faced significant financial hurdles, as in 2011 there was doubt the facility would be able to continue operations.

While they are not currently in a state of crisis, the animal shelter is still reliant upon donations and support from the community.

“Our heads are above water, but we still receive no government funding toward the actual shelter and so we still need the support of the public to maintain the building and house the animals,” Decicco said.

The organization has turned to fundraisers such as monthly giving plans available at all major financial institutions and calendar fundraisers to improve their fortunes.

They hope to have the opening filled by the end of January.

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Big DJ Mike says:
Good direction. Change is always good.
12/15/2013 11:46:21 AM
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