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2013-12-14 at 17:45

Stocking up

By Matt Vis,
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Members of the city’s police community are doing their part to help provide some holiday cheer.

Thunder Bay Police Service Staff Sgt. Don Lewis spent his Saturday afternoon at the Grandview Mall Metro location working for the Stuff a Cruiser campaign.

“We like to help out on occasions like this, especially at this time of year,” Lewis said.

“Things are pretty tough for some folks in our community and we want to help with some things we would normally take for granted.”

The Grandview and Arthur Street Metro stores, along with the Arthur Street Safeway and Real Canadian Superstore participated in the campaign in support of the Regional Food Distribution Association.

The event is the second annual one, and featured city police and the Ontario Provincial Police working together to give local food banks a boost.

The city police had a van on site at Metro and it had to be emptied twice within the first hour and a half of the drive.

Lewis said it was inspiring to see the generosity of people, especially so close to the holiday season.

He also said that being out in the community in a supporting role helps give present a more positive image of police officers.

“It goes to show that the police services, both the city and OPP, are not only out there for enforcement, but it’s for occasions like this where we help out whenever we can,” he said.

Administrative coordinator Brendan Carlin estimated that the RFDA was able to collect more than four tonnes of food from the event.

Carlin said earlier in the week that donations tend to decrease in December due to the hustle and bustle of the month, but drives like Saturday’s help keep the organization on their targets.

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