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2013-12-16 at 11:50

On target

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With four days left, this year's Toys for Tots campaign is well on its way to hitting its target of $150,000.

Chairman and firefighter Paul Penna said they've raised about $130,000 so far, which puts them on par with this date last year.

Penna said the generosity of the city has been overwhelming.

"We have children coming up with bags of change that they've been saving all year because they want other children to have gifts as well," he said Monday.

Adults who were given gifts from Toys for Tots when they were children have also come to donate to the cause and Penna said he believes the continual success of Toys for Tots comes down to humanity.

"Everybody knows how special Christmas is, especially as a child. I can't imagine going through one Christmas of my childhood without getting some kind of a nice gift," said Penna.

"That's what it comes down to. We're helping these children that live in poverty in Thunder Bay," he added.

Donations can be made to Toys for Tots at the firefighters' booth at Intercity Shopping Centre or at any TD Canada Trust branch in the city until Friday at noon.

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Who-cares says:
Good on the Thunder Bay Firefighters for the Toys For Tots Campaign, great community service, pride and all the BS for publicity. But how about the FireFighters at the Temporary North Neebing Fire Dept. These selfish privileged few who have deemed it appropriate to erect a huge unsightly building to house their fire truck have left the people of this area hung out to dry. Not only do we have to look at this "garage" on a daily basis, but these selfish individuals have completely ruined a great neighbourhood location, to gather and enjoy the outdoors. They have refused to let the Parks and Rec Dept put up our neighbourhood rink, this location has had a boarded rink and a pond. In previous years this rink has been used by many people at all hours of the day and evening. A truly great place for the youth and adults of our area to come and spend time with friends and family, while enjoying the outdoors and getting some excercise. Unfortunately this year we will have to due without.
12/16/2013 9:44:40 PM
I-Care says:
"Who-cares" should really get your facts straight before you go spouting off about topics and people you really don't seem to know much about. What you called the temporary North Neebing Fire Department is actually Neebing Fire Station, which is part of Thunder Bay Fire Rescue. Those Firefighters who you called the "selfish privileged few" are there to protect you, your family, your homes and neighbours. Those Firefighters did not choose to erect that temporary shelter, nor did they refuse to allow Parks and Rec run the rink out of that location. The Firefighters at Hodder Station voluntarily create and maintain a rink behind Hodder Station for the kids in that community and have done so for dozens of years. Please kindly refrain from labelling people selfish individuals unless you have the hard facts.......clearly this time you are misinformed!
12/18/2013 10:54:55 AM
virtualrealityczech says:
I just wanna pinch those cheeks!
12/17/2013 8:49:32 AM
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