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2014-01-07 at 15:32

Educated partnership

By Jamie Smith,
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Students at a local school are getting some help in their extracurricular activities.

A partnership between the Port Arthur Rotary and St. James Public School will see Rotarians head into the school to teach programs in everything from music to basketball. It'll also be providing one-on-one reading time.

Rotary community services director Krysta Logozzo said the three-year pilot program will help students with literacy, leadership, fitness and community involvement. It just so happens that those are some areas the school was looking to improve in.

"It was an ideal partnership for us to make," she said.

Programs will be run at different times throughout the day. Principal Marla Poulin said it's been great to see the whole school come together to try their hand at instrument or have a sing-along.

"Students are overly excited to join in," she said.

Basketball has also been a big hit with 100 per cent participation so far she said.

Logozzo said the program is part of the Rotary Club's goal to help serve the community.

"We do it all on our own time as volunteers," she said.

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Kam River says:
Good Job PA Rotary. Good Value Great for Community.
(1) Uses a school were the kids are familiar
(2) No add cost to the community
(3) Right in their neighbourhood.
(4) No added Transportation costs.
This is a win win for the children and the community.
1/7/2014 5:56:31 PM
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