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2014-01-08 at 15:30

Chippewa Zoo animals at their best in the winter cold

By Jamie Smith,
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Animals at the Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit look their best when the public can't see them.

Visitors to the local zoo are used to straining to find wolves coyotes or caribou on a hot day as the animals typically hide out in the shade. But in winter, when the zoo is closed, the animals are out in full force.

"This is the time to see them plus their fur is in its prime condition," city parks manager Paul Fayrick said. "They're big and furry and happy."

It's the reason Fayrick wants to open the zoo up for at least one day during the winter to let the animals show off their winter coats. Animals that can stay outside for the season with wind shelters in pens if needed.

As for those that can't handle the cold, mostly birds, winter in a nearby building dubbed "the motel.”

"They're warm and cared for in their," Fayrick said.

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Tbayborn says:
I think that is a great idea to open the zoo in the Winter so that we can see these beautiful animals in their prime!
It would sure beat seeing these poor things in the summer looking so miserable.
1/8/2014 4:12:33 PM
jimbob100 says:
Close down this zoo already!..The city needs to get out of this business. These animals deserve more of a life than walking in circles day in and day out. The conditions are terrible in the summer and kids and anyone for that matter can learn far more on the net these days about the characteristics and habits of these animals. You won't find staff wandering the area explaining these things....This place is only one step better than the animals on show at the circus for our selfish pleasures

1/8/2014 9:00:40 PM
Elizabeth says:
Please,Please close this zoo. It is so sad to see these animals in such small spaces. I could not even bare to visit this zoo again. I literally cried.
1/9/2014 8:36:59 AM
scamwow says:
last time i visited this zoo was about 20yrs ago when my kids were small and even at their young age they recognized the misery of the poor caged animals,particularly the moose whos hooves were so overgrown,curved out,and deformed from not being able to roam freely.there are plenty of well filmed documentaries out there that could teach and "entertain" the curious about animals in their real habitats.
1/10/2014 9:23:05 AM
arjay says:
the animals in any ZOO, are better off in the wild, where they belong. there is only one place worse than the Chippewa ZOO, and that is the DISTRICT JAIL.
1/10/2014 9:40:09 AM
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