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2014-01-15 at 20:10

Vision plan

By Jamie Smith,
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The city is asking what the public thinks a stretch of road should look like over the coming years.

A full Mariner's Hall was busy Wednesday night looking over an eight kilometre stretch of road, from Simpson Street near Rowand Street all the way to Grenville Avenue, to help map out a new vision for the route. Jessica Hawes, a senior associate with Brooks McIllroy, said whenever a capital project comes up on that stretch of road, this vision will help guide everything from public art to trees to recreation trails.

"It isn't something that's going to change tomorrow," she said. "This is going to give an opportunity to create a cohesive vision for the entire length of the image route."

The vision would also come together under a water theme to tie it to the nearby lake and rivers. It could be as simple as private property being cleaned up to improving pedestrian traffic at key areas, all with a common theme.

Ken Shields said it's a good idea but he would like to see protected bike lanes, a common question from people who attended the open house. He wants the city to have a safe transportation route from North to South.

"Considering bicycles are clean and green it's kind of curious that they haven't fit that in," he said.

Nathan Woods agreed.

He's been looking over plans since the waterfront project, which resulted in the building the open house was held in Wednesday, began. They seem to start with protected bike lanes but they're not in the new proposed image route.

"I thought that was the presentation," he said.

Not having them seems like a step backwards he said.

Hawes said the open house is so the public can suggest ideas for the proposed route. Results will be presented to the city's Clean, Green and Beautiful commitee.

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sd says:
Perhaps changing the names of streets in this town so they make sense. For example this article is confusing because they refer to Simpson St. where in reality it is talking about an 8km stretch including Simpson, Fort William, Water, and Cumberland St.
Or as another example look at the streets in the South End. 3 sections of Lillie and Tarbutt, 2 sections of Kelly or Heath. I get that this town was once two seperate towns but welcome to 2014, we are ONE lets be ONE.
1/15/2014 9:00:15 PM
keiths31 says:
Disagree. Thunder Bay isn't the only city to have multiple street names (Duluth is a prime example). What we need are 'routes', sort of like they have in Winnipeg.
For example Arthur Street, Simpson Street, Fort William Road, Water Street, Cumberland Street and Hodder Avenue could be route 10.
Edward Street, starting at Arthur going north to Golf Links, Junot and River, ending at Cumberland could be route 20. May Street starting at Arthur going North to Memorial and Algoma, with a right turn ending at Cumberland could be route 30. Those are the three busiest thoroughfares in the city. And it is more simple than changing street names and creating new addresses for the thousands of homes and businesses that are are those streets.

1/16/2014 8:10:45 AM
jonthunder says:
Yes, there are things missing on the bike lanes and protected areas; and they start with care and compassion for human safety, life, and quality of life. The active transportation, engineering and transportation efforts on this matter are a sad and dangerous joke. The arrogance of some is sickening.
1/15/2014 9:10:25 PM
hotdog says:
turn the road into 4 lanes by running 2 bulldozers down each side of the street eliminating all existing buildings, this will create a new business model and improve the scenery for all to enjoy.
1/15/2014 10:57:14 PM
sd says:
Great suggestion. Next time read an article, do some research then respond. The 8km stretch of road they are talking about is all north of the main "business core" of simpson st with all the buildings you want eliminated
1/16/2014 12:05:59 AM
ring of fire dude says:
Art ? More art ? No amount of art will change the view of railroad tracks , box stores or unkept city property . But this is a play for more ill-thought and planned out bike lanes on one of the the busiest streets in town .
1/15/2014 10:59:52 PM
Wlbr says:
When graffiti enhances the look of your city, it's time to admit there is a problem. Start by removing the portable black signs with lettering, you know those ones anchored by cement blocks. Especially on Memorial. What an ugly avenue that is. And those derelict buildings. Memories of Thunder Bay, a 4x8 sheet of plywood. Replace that laughable We're Superior slogan, so original only about 1000 other towns on Lake Superior use it. How about the Trans Canada Highway's ugliest city. Got to give the council credit for the new marina though.
1/15/2014 11:55:54 PM
fastball says:
Well said - along Memorial and Fort William Road, there have to be well over 100 of those hideous day-glo green/orange/black signs.
They're an obstruction to vision, and god-awful fugly to boot.
Buy some advertising space in the local paper.
1/16/2014 11:18:47 AM
coffeshoppolitician says:
more derelict shopping carts.
1/16/2014 4:32:29 AM
tsb says:
I wonder if you guys realize the totally different atmosphere on TBNewsWatch versus the actual meetings. There is far, far more negativity here than at any public consultation held in this city, so maybe if you guys won't actually participate in the decision making process, you should just shut up entirely?

Or do all the people who hate the project just coincidentally happen to be all "busy" every time?!
1/16/2014 6:41:53 AM
NFA16 says:
I think just having the ditches and sidewalks cleaned of garbage and shopping carts etc on a regular basis would be an improvement. It always looks so dumpy no matter where you are on that stretch!
1/16/2014 7:15:31 AM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:

"Sleeping Giant Way" would be a great name change for Water St.

Change the street name near City Hall to "No Drive"
1/16/2014 7:34:41 AM
passlake says:
A single name for the road from Arthur to Copenhagen would be good start.
1/16/2014 10:26:16 AM
Punk says:
Keep complaining guys.....
1/16/2014 10:30:46 AM
Baim says:
- nice plan
- bad for bike routes (thumbs down)
- did the route change? the plans online now don't show Simpson st as part of the plan
1/16/2014 10:35:13 AM
fastball says:
Hotdog has it pretty much right - start by getting rid of these permanently abandoned buildings. They're derelict, dirty, empty firetraps - and frankly, nothing will EVER get done with those old scabby eyesores. There are places on Algoma, for example, that have been empty for 2 decades.
The City should find the owners - give them a price to buy the property (or forfeit for unpaid taxes) - and offer it for sale or knock 'em down. I'd rather look at a vacant lot than broken glass and brick.
Until you address the real elephant in the room - any attempt at any kind of beautification is rendered moot.
1/16/2014 11:07:05 AM
Wlbr says:
I do not see any negativity here or hatred of the project here.Suggestions to clean up shopping carts and garbage, remove eyesore signs, deal with derelict buildings, refusing to waste tax money on "art", adding bike lanes, sidewalks and protected areas seem like positive ideas to me.
Also do not make things up about who is participating or not to support your rant.
Maybe your the problem. You know this is a bull board/opinion/comment section don't you? Shouting people down and telling them to shut up when you don't like what you read.
1/17/2014 12:39:54 PM
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