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2014-01-24 at 16:19

Culinary tourism course draws crowd

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A course on culinary tourism drew a crowd at Confederation College Friday. 

Experts from the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance were teaching locals how to bring in more visitors by using fine dining as an attraction.

Among the 70 participants at the event were local vegetable producers, cattle farmers, hotel owners and restaurateurs. 

They were given a lot of ideas on how to create a more appealing restaurant, and make the food they create stand out. 

A main selling point of the event was that it opened up a lot of networking options and started the conversation about how important the local food movement has been in larger tourism industries. 

Another discussion was which authentic tastes Thunder Bay has to offer.

City officials say Thunder Bay is well on its way to building a diverse array of culinary styles, to attract a different brand of visitors.

(Thunder Bay Television)

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hu says:
Actually it wasn't about fine dining. One of the points the speakers purposely made was that they tend to use "food tourism" interchangeably with "culinary tourism" so people *didn't* get the impression that it's all about high-end restaurants.

The opportunity to offer visitors a "taste of place" is open to *anyone* who includes or could be including local food products in their inventory, whether they're vendors at the Country Market, retailers carrying local food products, food trucks, breakfast places, breweries, City concessions, golf courses, bars or, yes, fabulous fine dining establishments.

Supporting this initiative is for anyone who interacts with visitors to the area - there are cross-promo opportunities everywhere. 70% of travellers like to take home food as souvenirs and gifts, and the one thing every visitor to Thunder Bay does three times a day is eat. Those are some tasty opportunities for local business owners!

Raili Roy
1/25/2014 7:34:12 AM
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