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2014-01-28 at 10:45

Celebrating literacy

By Jodi Lundmark,
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Parents had the chance to join their children at school for Family Literacy Day Monday at Hyde Park Public School.

Daylan Staal liked the idea of spending time with his family at school.

"I'm reading with my family," he said.

The eight-year-old also knows the importance literacy can play in his future.

"So you can get a good job and earn lots of money," he said

Seven-year-old Emma Skok also knows that reading and writing is important when it comes to the number of opportunities she'll have when she's older.

"I could maybe be an artist or I could be a writer and I could do lots of stuff with my life," she said, adding she likes to write stories and paint the pictures that go along with the story.

"Learning is important because then you get to grow up and you get to be successful," said Emma.

Meeting new friends and other students' families was a highlight for Emma on Monday.
Parents and grandparents joined the youngsters for a picnic lunch and then participated in various literacy activities including a giant crossword and a reading wall.

Local author Michelle Kolobutin also read her book The Little Red Crayon to the students and signed autographs.

Hyde Park vice-principal Shannon Jessiman-MacArthur said it's important for parents to be involved in the school community so they welcome opportunities like Family Literacy Day.

"It's great for kids to see their families as part of their education," she said.

"Every day is really literacy day but to really celebrate it with our families makes it that much more great."

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Heinicke says:
Michelle's story is really inspiring and the story behind it as well. I had the pleasure of knowing her sister and the story behind the book is what drives the inspiring story of the Little Red Crayon. I think it's a story which will touch a lot of people and it's awesome to see such local support.
1/30/2014 4:04:23 AM
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