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2014-03-27 at 16:32

Astronaut turned pop culture icon Chris Hadfield to visit city June 4

By Jamie Smith,
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A Canadian star will be touching down in the city later this year.

Leadership Thunder Bay announced Thursday morning that retired astronaut Chris Hadfield, who made everything from science to David Bowie relevant to a new generation during his time on the International Space Station last year, will be at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium June 4.

Leadership president Kristen Oliver said the organization, which is using the visit as a fundraiser for its bursary program, couldn't be more excited. Tickets started going on sale Thursday but people had been calling long before that for information.

"It's really its amazing to me the momentum that this is gaining and the impact that Chris Hadfield's really had on us as Canadians," Oliver said.

Story contniues after video ... 

He's also made a big impact on students at Ogden Public School. Grade 5/6 teacher Kelly Green said she used Hadfield's journey last year for everything from art and music projects to math problems as he floated 340 kilometres above the school.

"I found my kids were writing about his experiences," she said.

"All those things were just making for a fantastic learning experience for the kids," she said.

She's been reading Hadfield's autobiography to her class this year. But they'll also be some of the 1,500 students who will get their own presentation from Hadfield earlier in the afternoon on June 4, something they'll be extremely excited for.

"The man himself is so interesting and the message that he carries is one the kids can relate to," Kelly said.

Tickets are available through the auditorium box office.




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itshell says:
Great speaker...seen him speak in Toronto
3/28/2014 11:05:23 AM
Charm65 says:
I never thought he would come this way looking forward to his visit. Such an honorable Canadian.
3/31/2014 7:40:55 PM
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