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2014-04-09 at 15:10

Project Pizza connects 600 students to local agriculture industry

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More than 600 Grade 3 students are learning this week about where the food they eat comes from. 

The 22nd annual Project Pizza features cows, farmers and various work stations that will give students a first-hand look into the local agriculture scene. By showing how all those products relate to pizza, the project helps connects these workstations to the student’s kitchen table.

The project is structured in a rotary fashion, giving the students 15 minutes at each station to learn about the different components that make up a pizza.

The students have a chance to see how plants are grown, and how the cattle is raised and used in different ways to create various ingredients. 

Marian Benka has been involved in Project Pizza since its debut in 1993.  She says local teachers are also very keen to give their students this experience.

The school tours continue all day Thursday.

Benka says four schools could not attend this year because the project has grown in popularity to the point where they cannot fit any more students into the two day schedule.

(Thunder Bay Television)


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