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Following last weekends "Open Streets" event, the city has indicated it wants to expand the program. Is this a good idea?

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2014-05-02 at 10:18

Fan-Con coming

By Leith Dunick,
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Fort William Historical Park is daring to go where no one in Thunder Bay has gone before.

Park officials on Friday confirmed they’ll be hosting Fan-Con from July 18-20 in conjunction with the Staal Foundation Open.

Highlighting the guest list is none other than Walter Koenig, best known as Ensign Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek series.

Also coming to the celebration of super heroes, comics and collectibles is Daphne Ashbrook, who stars as Grace Hollaway in the  Dr. Who television movie and was also had a guest-starring role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The three-day event, which will also include appearances from Iron Man, the Hulk, Spider Man and Thor, features plenty of music too.
Canadian favourite David Wilcox, Chilliwack and the Stampeders will be joined on stage by tribute bands Simply Queen, KISS impressionists Destroyer and AC/DC specialists Thunderstruck.

Also scheduled to be on hand are the hockey-playing Staal brothers, who will sign autographs for their fans.

The events will wrap up each night with an after-party at the astronomy centre.

Fort officials say camping and concert packages are available for the weekend.

Ticket and scheduling information will be available on the Fort William Historical Park website.

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Idontknowitall says:
Sounds like a great, fun weekend. Hopefully, summer will make an appearance by then, too. :)
5/2/2014 11:14:08 AM
Blah blah says:
5/2/2014 12:11:49 PM
tiredofit says:
This is great! I'm so looking forward to it (for real)... it just fits in with Voyageur theme so well....
5/2/2014 12:40:49 PM
Miked says:
Chekov!!! hells yes!!!!
5/2/2014 3:42:50 PM
Who-cares says:
Great for the city and OFW. However for the residents that live within ear shot if OFW, it is yet another weekend of having to listen to noise, loud music and loud speakers. These events normally go very late into the evening, and by late I mean well past 11pm which is in accordance with city noise by-laws. I am sure that there are a good many people that are being disturbed on a very regular basis every time OFW hosts one of these events. I wouldn't mind if it were once and awhile, however every year more and more events are held at the fort. Summer is short enough to try and enjoy wether it be sitting outside enjoying the weather or just the simple pleasure of having windows open getting some air. OFW should start having some respect for its neighbours, especially during our short summers. I am sure nobody wants to notify the police to have them deal with a noise complaint, as they are already busy enough these days.
5/2/2014 6:48:42 PM
Girardin says:
Lucky for you you probably don't have to worry. People who actually do live within earshot have not only lived with this amphitheatre noise for years now they also know it hasn't been know as old fort William for close to 20 years.
5/3/2014 3:00:01 PM
LizP says:
Shame they cannot/do not arrange a huge screen and show some of the movies; different one each night. Star Trek at the Fort!
5/2/2014 9:15:15 PM
SomeGuy says:
You know where this would be an awesome place to hold something like this? The Events Centre.

(This is not sarcasm)
5/3/2014 8:34:10 AM
unheard says:
yes think of the buses full of tourist from all around that will come to fill the seats to see Chekov,
this is sarcasm
5/3/2014 12:21:41 PM
brandon says:
You know what else is awesome? That we don't need to spend $100m to hold this type of event. See! We're doing it now without! So why do we need it again?
5/3/2014 1:12:52 PM
dan dan says:
Frankly, it's a little embarrassing that we don't have a proper place to host this. Soon!
5/3/2014 5:13:46 PM
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