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2014-06-05 at 15:45

Farm to Caf program gets boost from Greenbelt fund

By Jodi Lundmark,
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THUNDER BAY -- The Farm to Caf program is getting a $12,000 boost from the Greenbelt Fund.

The announcement to expand the local food menus in four Lakehead Public Schools secondary schools was made during Local Food Week Thursday at Hammarskjold High School.

The initiative, a partnership between the school board and youth and food education program Roots to Harvest, gives students the opportunity to access fresh locally-produced food

The items are selected through taste-testing events.

The cafeteria staff works with teachers and students to prepare and serve the food on specialty days each month.

"Farm to Caf has been a unique and important opportunity for students to access fresh and delicious locally-produced food that is made available in our own cafeterias," said director of education Cathi Siemieniuk in a news release.

The 2014-2015 Farm to Caf menu:

  • September: hamburger, corn on the cob, potato wedges
  • October: wild rice casserole with pork, spinach salad
  • November: pulled pork, coleslaw, roasted potatoes
  • December: shepherd's pie, sprout salad mix, squash/apple soup
  • January: chili, Japanese cabbage salad, corn bread
  • February: wild rice casserole with pork, grated root vegetable salad
  • March: beef stew, lemon herb green beans, biscuits
  • April: pull pork, roasted corn salad, veggie fries
  • May: shepherd's pie, sprout mix salad, squash/apple soup
  • June: hamburger, fresh green salad, bun and potato wedges

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Enquirer says:
Great to see this program get more funding!

Programs such as these have numerous benefits from teaching food security to healthy eating habits.

Thumbs up to everyone out there who made this one possible!
6/5/2014 10:48:38 PM
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