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2014-06-25 at 13:17

Flocking fundraiser nets money and fun for a good cause

By Kathleen Charlebois, for
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THUNDER BAY - Fundraising and flamingos seem to go together.

Hill City Kinsman Brent Hagberg announced that his organization has raised $3,000 for the Thunder Bay United Way at Confederation College Wednesday.

The 18 members of the Kinsmen have been flocking -- setting up plastic pink flamingos on designated properties -- at various locations since June 5.

The Thunder Bay Catholic School Board and Lakehead Public Schools both flocked the Confederation College campus with 200 plastic birds. Meanwhile the college originally flocked both the Catholic and public school board offices on June 20.

“I got an email last night around 9:00 from one of my staff saying ‘Wow, we’re being flocked!’” said Confederation College president Jim Madder. “I think people are excited, they’re happy, they’re having a great deal of fun. It’s also a great cause.”

Hagberg says for a minimum 40 dollar donation, the donor gets 40 plastic flamingos in order to flock the person of their choice, along with a personalized sign.

He added that the Kinsmen provides the labour of putting the flamingos on the recipient’s lawn as well.

“We do four locations an evening, pick them up and drop them off at the next person’s house,” he said. “It ends up taking two or three hours every night.”

The fundraising campaign runs until June 30.

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