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2014-08-20 at NOON

TBTV anchors take the Ice Bucket Challenge

By Leith Dunick,
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Thunder Bay Television co-anchor Courtney Rutherford was up to the task.

The Winnipeg native, responding to reporter Matt Vis and communication specialist Amanda Bay’s dare to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, on Wednesday took the plunge outside of Dougall Media’s Hill Street headquarters.

Thunder Bay Television news director Barry Third earned the pleasure of dumping a bucket of ice water over his co-anchor’s head.

“He’s probably wanted to dump a bucket of ice on my head since he hired me two-and-half years ago,” Rutherford said.

“Fast or slow,” Third asked, hoisting the bucket above her head.

“Whatever you (want),” she said, cringing in anticipation.

“That is way colder than I thought it would be,” a soaked Rutherford said after the deed was done.

She didn’t wait long to draw Third into the challenge, which has gone viral on social media, with celebrities like Tiger Woods and even former U.S. president George W. Bush taking part.

The challenge has raised more than $16 million worldwide in support of ALS, a progressive neuromuscular disease in which nerve cells die and leave voluntary muscles paralyzed.

“We knew this was coming,” Third said. “I’ve only got one thing to say, Murray Brown, this is for you.”

Rutherford returned the favour, living out every employee’s fantasy, soaking her boss, albeit for a great cause.

Rather than singling out anyone to step up and take the challenge, the TBTV icon called on the community to come forward with their wallets.

“To everybody watching, we’ve already made our donation. Donate to the ALS Society of Canada today.”

To make a donation, visit here



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We've improved our comment system.
trips says:
with a 100 dollar donation 7 dollars is going to research...10 dollars goes to administration...18 dollars goes toward promotions ..and so on ...always wise to research these different organizations for some truths as to where the money really goes
8/20/2014 7:56:14 PM
fastball says:
That's a bucket? I'm expecting a big Gator-aid bucket of ice...not some piddly little bowl.
C'mon guys....impress us.
8/21/2014 1:14:57 PM
ring of fire dude says:
No kidding about the bucket , that,s my shooter glass for the weekend !
8/21/2014 3:34:05 PM
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