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2014-08-25 at 19:32

City pulling out all the stops to land Letterman, 'Late Show'

By Jamie Smith,
Dance BasicsDance Basics For Pre-Schooler; Mom & Tot Dance Classes for ages 2-6 years. Next sessions starts November 7th.Dance Basics

You never know unless you try.

That seems to be the approach the city is taking to try and land the Late Show with David Letterman before the iconic comic retires next year.

City council regular Jon Powers suggested Monday night that the city try and get Letterman to do at least a week’s worth of shows in Thunder Bay along with his homegrown sidekick Paul Shaffer before the show is handed to Stephen Colbert in August of 2015.

Powers, saying maybe the city could have it coincide with the Bluesfest weekend in order to draw a bigger crowd, said the worst Letterman and network CBS can say is no.

While no resolution needed to pass, council seemed to get behind the idea. Coun. Mark Bentz said it needs to be a collaborative effort, something city clerk John Hannam agreed with.

“It’s definitely a longshot,” Bentz said.

The city’s tourism department, the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium and even those on council who can try and call in a favour or two with Shaffer will all be tapped to try and make it happen.

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We've improved our comment system.
ring of fire dude says:
Craig Ferguson is on the farewell list also , try and draw him in also .
8/25/2014 9:15:17 PM
progress now says:
Well it would mean that all his guests would have to come to Thunder Bay (as opposed to Manhattan) for the programming as well. (unlikely)

I think it would be easier to get Thunder Bay city council to go to New York City for a program.

The reason for that would be?

Still, I like people who think outside the box.

8/25/2014 9:45:32 PM
eventscentre says:
This is what our council is wasting their time on? I can't wait to vote these circus clowns out, especially Hobbs.
8/26/2014 7:39:43 AM
grs says:
No, it's what Jon Powers suggested that they waste their time on.

You know Jon, the guy that always comments on here about how wasteful council is and how misdirected they are, don't you?

Great Story!!

8/26/2014 10:16:02 AM
Joey_J says:
Let's not discourage Jon. This might be a great diversion for him. I'm sure he will face some obstacles -- such as his pal sign guy trying to send Letterman to Innova Park or insisting that Jay Leno has another 20 good years left in him and we should focus our energy on keeping him working...
8/27/2014 8:20:18 AM
fastball says:'s a couple of phone calls by a city PR person to another PR person. It's not as if someone's spending hours and hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It would be nice PR for the city - and for Paul Shaffer, who's mentioned this town a lot on the show.
Maybe we could all lighten up a tad on this nothing-issue.
8/26/2014 1:32:21 PM
Dockboy says:
Maybe we should hire a consultant to do a feasibility study. What a ridiculous idea!
8/26/2014 9:07:07 AM
shotyme says:
when are people in this city going to actually support anything that will bring revenue and exposure to the city that is positive? or do we just keep the negative with all of the crime? the old way mentality in this city is out dated just like the same repetitive comments most of you make... interesting idea progress now but I think you would be surprised at the Canadian content that would do the show...
8/26/2014 10:34:04 AM
Borg79 says:
Seriously? Does council have nothing better to do with their time? What a joke
8/26/2014 10:47:43 AM
King Farouk says:
Great idea.

I hope you are successful with the bid.

8/26/2014 11:34:02 AM
AndersonSilvasLeg says:
We need S. Duncan to look into this for us.
8/26/2014 12:44:28 PM
Jack Frost says:
Don't worry, the TAXpayers will foot the entire cost to bring BORING Letterman, his entire entourage and circus to Thunderless Bay...
8/26/2014 10:19:11 PM
Joey_J says:
Jack, could I assist you with finding the phone number for AMJ Campbell or U-Haul?
8/27/2014 10:56:27 AM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
Miley Cyrus is suppose to be putting all her tweaking "behind" her....Why not get her here in Thunder Bay to show off her new side while your at it???

Better yet, Blue Ivy could use some more attention too...
Get her to come and headline with Cyrus???
8/30/2014 3:42:05 AM
Shane Caker says:
I can't wait for Lettermans "murder capital" jokes in his monologue. This should be really good for us.
8/30/2014 5:07:40 PM
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