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Sports - Sports With Bryan Wyatt
2013-01-18 at 15:56

Fans will still get a great NHL season

At last, the New Year starts off with the return of the National Hockey League.

The deal is done, and a 48-game sprint-type schedule is on.

I think this reduced season is still going to give fans what they want, and that is the best hockey players in the world in the best professional hockey league in the world. There will still be great excitement in this season with the usual awards earned.

At the end will be a legitimate Stanley Cup playoff. While the season is shorter, the post-season will be the same as it always is.

The only difference is that it will be late June by the time a champion is crowned.

So with the new agreement in place between the league and the players, let's hope this lockout scenario isn't repeated the next time negotiations take place.

I am very happy to have the NHL back on the ice, game on!


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