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Outdoor Life - Outdoor life is a column by Mick Bohonis. Outdoor Life - RSS Feed
2014-08-15 at 13:24

Women flocking to outdoor activities

A testament to how the world is changing is the fact that more and more women have positions of leadership in our provinces and country than ever before. Back in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, women played a different role in North America than they do today. There was no evidence of... Read More

2014-05-23 at 14:27

Food plots part of a smart hunt

I recently drove through the Slate River Valley, where I do a lot of October and November deer hunting on private property, and was granted a bunch of viewing and photo opportunities on different species of returning water fowl and some whitetail deer roaming the fields. The valley is rich... Read More

2014-04-25 at 10:10

Spring hunt is necessary

Following the recent media coverage on the spring bear hunt pilot project set to take place in selected wildlife management units (WMUs) in Ontario has motivated this outdoor writer to respond in an aggressive way.  It seems the antis are up to their same old hogwash again and using the... Read More

2014-04-17 at NOON

Northwest region offers big game

There was a span in my life where there is no question I was fed the outdoor addiction. If there was a boat going out on the lake I was in it, and if there was a truck heading for the woods, I was in it. This was a time in my life between the ages of six and 13 that set the stage and... Read More

2014-03-14 at 11:38

Waking up to March

For most of you who enjoy winter and all it offers like snowmobiling, shovelling, skiing, ice fishing, snow shoeing, shovelling, ice skating and anything else that takes place, there is no debate that March brings us warmer temperatures, and more daylight. Did I mention shovelling?  ... Read More

2014-02-28 at NOON

No need for a weapon

With winter in full swing and daylight slowly becoming more plentiful by a few minutes per day, spring will be here before we know it – just a few weeks away. With the month of March upon us, it means it’s the time of year I like to get out to do a little shed antler hunting. This... Read More

2014-01-31 at 14:11

Outdoor employment

So you want to be a professional guide? Maybe a conservation officer? How about a lodge or resort owner? What about an outdoor writer, bush pilot or a bait and tackle retailer? Maybe your own outdoor TV show is in the works? There are endless opportunities when... Read More

2013-12-13 at 14:38

Snow blindness dangerous

You walk outside on a bright, sunny winter day and you immediately start to squint and reach for your sunglasses. The reflection of the sun off the snow hurts your eyes, and focusing clearly is almost impossible. During the winter months one of the most overlooked injuries is snow blindness,... Read More

2013-12-06 at NOON

The Christmas tree's origin story

Have you ever sat in your living room or rec room at this time of the year and asked yourself why you have a tree taking up space in your house? Do you have any idea why the tree is there? If you asked this question to a Grade 3 student the answer no doubt would be “It's there to... Read More

2013-11-22 at 13:51

The all-around vehicle

My first all-terrain vehicle was a 1985 Honda 250 cc Big Red three-wheeler, and at that time I was the owner of one of the best machines around. It had power, shaft drive and fat flotation balloon tires. Today I ride a new 650 cc with independent suspension, 2,500-pound Warn winch, on the fly... Read More