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A pro-waterfront event centre group plans to host a May 10 barbecue and boot hockey game at the Water Street bus terminal to show support for the downtown location. Will you attend this rally?

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Hyer On The Hill - MP Bruce Hyer is the Member of Parliament for the Thunder Bay-Superior North riding. Hyer On The Hill - RSS Feed
2014-02-28 at NOON

Wake up, Canada!

Canadians should get concerned about our democracy ...  and fast! After stalling for many months, the Conservatives introduced their so-called Fair Elections Act, Bill C-23, in early February. Ironically, they then shutdown debate in Parliament and rammed this anti-democratic bill through... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(5)

2014-02-21 at NOON

Budget misses the podium

The Conservatives released budget 2014 to great fanfare last week, but it didn’t live up to the hype. Budget 2014 looked more like an Economic Inaction Plan than anything else and it won’t grow the economy the way Canadians are looking for. There were just six pages of actual... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(0)

2014-02-11 at 11:43

Myth of Conservative economic competency

Conservatives always claim that they know how to manage the economy. But the facts don’t bear out the claims. For example, Brian Mulroney racked up the greatest debt and deficit in Canadian history until now. When Canadian voters finally figured that out, his party was set back... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(2)

2014-01-16 at 13:21

Ringing in the New Year Investigating Canadian Trade Opportunities

My so-called holiday this year was a productive and enlightening one, which brought me across Canada and around the world with my family and on parliamentary business. On Dec. 23, I boarded a VIA train with my wife Margaret to Vancouver, after a combination of very cold weather and getting... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(1)

2013-12-19 at 11:31

Why I joined the Green Party

Since my election as Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Superior North in 2008, my political career has been defined by the values of independence and cooperation. The interests of all of my constituents have always been my top priority. At the same time, I’ve sought to transcend the... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(2)

2013-03-27 at 14:03

Budget plan does little for Northwest

The Harper Government’s latest update to its Economic Action Plan – the one you are paying so much to advertise for them – in its 2013 Budget introduced less than a week ago. Unfortunately, it is a plan that does little to help Northwestern Ontario or our residents. It’s... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(1)

2012-10-03 at 10:34

Selling China the rope

Selling China the rope The $15 billion takeover of Nexen Inc., one of Canada’s largest oil and gas companies involved in the oil sands, by Chinese state-owned China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) has been in the news a lot lately. Many in Canada’s corporate sector... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(3)

2012-08-31 at 16:38

Restoring confidence in Parliament

Before this year’s omnibus budget was passed, Conservative Member of Parliament David Wilks discussed it with his constituents. They were upset with many of the clauses, and Wilks explained that, even though he agreed with many of their concerns, it was impossible for him to vote against... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(2)

2012-07-26 at 13:49

Energy Security from West to East

Energy Security from West to East When it comes to Canadian natural resources, the talk is often about the “need” to ship our crude oil and bitumen (the tar-like product of the oil sands) to China and Texas as fast as we can. That may serve to maximize profits for multinational... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(2)

2012-07-20 at NOON

Northern gateway pipeline

The development of the Alberta oil sands is a hot topic. Harper’s Conservatives have promoted Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline ever since it was proposed in 2006. It is supposed to carry raw bitumen – the tar-like product of the oil sands – from Alberta to Kitimat,... Read More Tbnewswatch.com(0)

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