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Local Flavour - Local Flavour with Kelly Allard
2012-04-26 at 13:56

Grinning Belly

 I just had yo mama for lunch and I liked it.

Whoa! Hold on there; don’t fly off the handle just yet. I should clarify.  I just had a pizza for lunch that was called “Yo Mama.”

Grinning Belly is one of the businesses which have recently opened in The Centre of Change, formerly known as Hillcrest High School. Situated in the old school cafeteria, Grinning Belly serves up a delightful selection of soups, sandwiches and pizzas and more. Owner Rachel Globenski has been catering since 2008 and a restaurateur for only a few months, but it seems like her business is already turning into a local favourite.  I have been following them on Facebook  and love getting the daily updates about what will be served that day. A few hours later usually comes a post that they sold out. So, I figured the time had come to have lunch there.

I debated between the  “Yo Mama” Pizza  and “Turkey Lurkey” sandwich, but ended up going with the pizza. Next time I can get the sandwich, but I don’t think it will provide the same amount of entertainment for me to tell people I had a Turkey Lurkey for lunch- I much more prefer the yo mama, and all of the accompanying banter. 

The” Yo Mama” pizza is loaded with caramelized onion, roasted peppers, roasted garlic, Italian sausage and cheese. Oh, so much cheese.

The pieces of garlic were huge! Ironically enough, my mama would disapprove of me coming home after eating that much garlic. I, however do not object.

My lunch date, Anne, got the roasted pepper and tomato soup accompanied by a parmesan chive biscuit. I didn’t have any room to try after eating… wait for it… yo mama. But, it looked and smelled delicious, and according to Anne it was.
I was a little apprehensive at first to go here, just because I thought it would be like eating at school.  It wasn’t. My school certainly never served up food like this! It is actually quite cool walking through the building, it feels like a school, but instead it is a little community made up of all the businesses who have made a home there.

For me personally, one of the great things is that it is a very short walk from work. So, to my co-workers, if you ever want to walk over there for lunch with me, just shoot me an email.  I’m in.

To see more pictures and read more about my foodie shenanigans, visit me at Relatively Gourmand.

Have a great restaurant or idea? 

Email me at



Kelly Allard


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