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Local Flavour - Local Flavour with Kelly Allard
2013-01-11 at 10:50

Five local eateries you really should 'Like'

I’m always trying to add local content to my Facebook news feed.

As a lover of food, ‘liking’ the Facebook pages of any and all local restaurants that I can find is simply a must. And recently I’ve been impressed with how some local businesses have been able to use Facebook pages to connect to their customers.

Below are five eateries I think you should like on Facebook, if you haven’t liked these pages already. These aren’t the only five restaurants I think you should like, but they are five places that I believe use their Facebook page well.

The Caribou Restaurant and Wine Bar
The Caribou is probably one of my favourite dinner spots in the city. But it’s also one of the more pricier places in town. Those two reasons alone make the Caribou Restaurant and Wine Bar’s Facebook page worth liking.

The page is updated modestly, so you won’t have a newsfeed full of spam every time you log on. What you will have is an occasional update letting you know about special(and delicious) menu features. If you’re like me and think of the Caribou as a place to go when you feel like treating yourself, then these rare updates are perfect.

Eat Local Pizza and Pastry
Eat Local Pizza has a Facebook page that is going to try and convince you to change your lunch or dinner plans.

Liking this page means there will occasionally be photographs of delicious-looking pizzas (often with unique sets of toppings) hanging out in your news feed.

But there’s more to the Eat Local Pizza Facebook page than food porn. The business doesn’t shy away from promotions that help out local non-profit organizations. The most recent promotion featured was a contest that saw a free pizza awarded to both the participating customer who won and the Shelter House.

The Bean Fiend Cafe and Sandwich Bar
The Bean Fiend on Algoma Street has recently undergone some renovations, and the results look good.

What also appears to have been renovated is the cafe’s Facebook page. If you ‘like’ this page you can expect casual updates about the soup of the day, new menu items and specials.

Sweet Peas Home Catering
Sweet Peas Home Catering will likely be adding a new post to your news feed each day. That post will let you know what special they have for lunch or dinner that day, or what special theme night they have coming up.

Sweet Peas has been able to twist my arm and change my lunch plans more than once via Facebook.

The Foundry
The Foundry isn’t a page worth liking just for the food.

The Foundry does feature information about its menu, and will post regular updates about specials and so on. But the Foundry doesn’t shy away from non-food updates, and will often advertise the entertainment the bar is expecting to feature.

That makes The Foundry a great page to like if you’re constantly wondering what you’ll be doing on the weekend. Filling your belly can be considered a bonus.



I would be silly if I thought these were the only pages on Facebook worth liking. So as always, feel free to send me your suggestions in the comments below.


NOTE TO READERS: I must apologize for my unannounced hiatus from Local Flavour. I have not forgotten about the search for the city’s favourite veggie burger. The vote that decides the winter, which is now between The Organic Garden Cafe and Bonobos, will begin one week from Monday (Monday, Jan. 21).


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hounddog says:
I agree with the above noted places but I believe that MadeFRESH needs to be added as they are the innovators of bringing FRESH new breakfast options to Thunder Bay.
1/12/2013 4:22:10 PM
Longtallsally says:
This column has gone so far downhill. I miss Kelly
1/14/2013 1:42:37 PM
Dan Dan says:
People still use Facebook?
1/16/2013 1:12:07 PM
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