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The city plans to ask The Late Show with David Letterman to come to Thunder Bay before the host retires next year. Do you think they'll succeed?

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Street Views - Street Views with Jeff Labine
2012-12-07 at 9:00 AM

Legal grass?

Following the U.S. presidential election, two states voted in favour of legalizing marijuana. Is it time to make the drug legal in Canada?

Perhaps maybe decriminalizing is the route to go? Or maybe going in the opposite direction and legislating significant prison sentences for users?

In this episode of Street Views, host Jeff Labine brings these questions to the streets of Thunder Bay and discovers some very interesting opinions.


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The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Too many sociopathic cops are hopelessly addicted to paycheques and pensions and will fight their pathetic war on the backs of its victims. Hey you heroes....give it up.
12/17/2012 2:01:09 PM
zaphirine says:
right on!! mr hyer , ur on the rite track in my books now
5/25/2013 10:23:52 AM
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