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Out Of Control - Video game reviews and news
2011-10-19 at 14:09

Review delay! What does it say?

According to, their review for Battlefield 3 will not be ready by the time the game launches Tuesday, Oct. 25.

The reason? Apparently BF3 will release with a game-day patch, and developers didn’t want a copy reviewed that didn’t include the fixed bugs and glitches content the game-day patch is meant to provide.

Game publisher Electronic Arts obviously had a tough decision to make – release a review copy of the game with some (minor or major) bugs and hope reviewers look beyond them, or have post-release reviews.

They went with the latter. And already there are countless blogs and forum posts speculating on the quality of the overall game based on this decision.

But what does a delayed review and a game-day patch mean about the likely quality of BF3? Honestly, not much. Or at least, it could mean so many things that speculating what it means just isn’t worth it.

Some believe EA has rushed the game; that it isn’t ready and will suffer incredibly as a result. Others believe EA is making last minute improvements to a game that’s already solid.

It is probably fair to speculate that a delay is out of the question, as BF3 is already dangerously close to another blockbuster first-person shooter you may have heard about – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Post continues after vide ...



Some even speculate that EA is expecting BF3 to collect a terrible metacritic rating. Thus, the game-day patch is a rouse to delay the inevitable bad reviews that would likely lead to canceled pre-orders.

Is that possible? Sure. Is it likely? Heck no.

Given all the praise the game demos have received during conventions like E3, it just doesn’t make sense that the game developer would create a game-day patch specifically to delay possible negative reviews.

By the way, EA recently announced that those pre-orders are now being measured with seven figures, so yes you can argue that there is a lot at stake.

So what does the review delay and game-day patch mean?

Game-day patches, for one, are a tad controversial. While it could be a great way to ensure the game is bug free and still on store shelves when originally intended, it could also lead developers to launch a game before it’s ready.

What side of the fence you are on probably has to do with your experience. When I first started playing Fall Out New Vegas, the countless errors, bugs and glitches had me praying for an immediate update.

Meanwhile, I also remember the frustration of having to download a huge game-day patch for Heavy Rain. The fact that it just happened to be a day when I was having Internet hiccups only added to that frustration.

So back to the headline: What does this delay and game-day patch mean for BF3? The answer doesn’t appear to be all that clear. Hypothesize all you want, but we will have to wait until Tuesday, Oct. 25 to find out for certain.

The only thing we do know for sure is that EA and DICE have a guaranteed blemish on the otherwise very positive hype that surrounds this soon-to-be-released game.


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