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Out Of Control - Video game reviews and news
2011-11-16 at 14:44

Cheat on Skyrim, not your spouse

Getting frustrated with the rules that game developers of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have forced upon you?

Well you’re in luck. Less than a week after its release, the Internet is already full of game exploits for the open-world RPG. Below, I’ve collected some of the more popular exploit videos for you to browse.

Not a cheater? Well good for you. But take a look at some of the videos and live vicariously through the cheating of others.

If you are a cheater, you better use these game exploits soon. Bethesda Game Studios has announced that a patch is coming for all platforms. While the patch is meant to fix some bugs and texture issues, there is a chance that it may also correct some of these exploits.


Oh, and P.S. I understand that cheating isn't for everyone. I watch enough Maury Povich to understand that. This post does not intend to promote cheating, even though I'm sure that's exactly what it is doing.

Infinite sneak upgrades and XP:

Infinite arrows: Wait, that sounds stupid. Well guess what? Arrow are worth money. So it’s actually the …
Inifinite gold:


Infinite gold glitch 2:
Here’s a stronger gold glitch. But be warned, you have to kill some skeletons to activate this glitch. If you can’t do that … then I understand completely why you want/ need these exploits. This video is poorly edited, so watch until you’re told about the location, then fast forward to about 2:30.


Infinite archery/ level glitch:


Infinite illusion skill:


Infinite one-handed skill:
Just don’t kill your friends trying this. Rumour spreads in Skyrim.


Pickpocket exploit:
(actually, I’m not sure if this is an exploit. I think it is just being a jerk. And if you're increasing your pickpocket skills, you're probably going for that anyway)


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