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FiTV - Fiona Gardiner
2011-12-23 at 13:11

Best and worst of the season

At this time of year, we see the best and the worst in people.  The worst?  Well, my mother stood in line for an hour in one store only to have some woman suddenly step in front of her 10 feet from the check-out. 

And the best? The news has been full of it. The Humane Society and the Salvation Army are just two stories of how residents have come through when things were tough.   

Yes, folks, these are the people in your neighbourhood. Not bad, huh?

Of course, everybody celebrates the season in his or her own way.  Some donate. Others decorate.  The news story of the 12 Days of Christmas house caused some controversy. 

While some claim it’s a waste of resources and money, it’s brought magic to hundreds who stop by.

Besides, with all the goodwill toward men, perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on those whose idea of Christmas is not the same as our own – however misguided. 

Like the truck driver who put a reindeer head on the front of his vehicle.  Unfortunately, the sight of Rudolph flattened into his front grill screamed “Road Kill!” rather than “Tides of Joy!”  And I couldn’t help but check out his back end for evidence of a sleigh dragging in the undercarriage. 

Fortunately, a few hours of It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street wiped that image from my mind.  Plus, a few shows honoured the season without going overboard. 

For example, I’m not usually a fan of the annual “Very Merry Episode,” but Harry’s Law featured a war veteran who was denied his Purple Cross. 

Usually, the American patriot thing is so over the top that my gag reflexes take over. But this was a story of survival, pride and hope that struck exactly the right Christmas chord. 

And if ever there was a show designed to celebrate Christmas, it’s Glee. For the most part, their black and white ode to the ’60s holiday special was fun. But why did they sing Do They Know It’s Christmas as their grand finale? Who sings about starving kids in Africa at a homeless shelter? 

For what it’s worth, they made up for this faux pas by also re-airing last year’s masterpiece spoof on How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And with that, all is forgiven. 

My only real disappointment is that CBC seems to have given up on the classics of my childhood. 

Late-night airings of The Bishop’s Wife, White  Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut and The Bells of St. Mary’s have been missing the last few years. 

All in all, the season has been full of ups and downs. But I hope that everyone finds a moment of peace in the midst of the hoopla. 
After all, that star in the sky never made a peep but lit the world for all to see.


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