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Sports - Sports With Bryan Wyatt
2012-01-04 at NOON

Predicting 2012

As the 2012 sports year is underway, here are some thoughts about how things may go over the next year.

I will predict right now that the biggest story in hockey is going to be this ongoing problem with head injuries. Don't be surprised if sometime during 2012 a major marquee NHL player will have his career ended prematurely because of one.  

And who knows what will become of Sidney Crosby?

This is an Olympic year and that means there will be a heightened sensitivity toward stories about performance-enhancing drugs and other means of trying to use medical or scientific technology to get the edge.  

For MLB players who used performance enhancing drugs, the discussion often revolves around not recognizing on-field accomplishments. When does this conversation end?

Remember, the rules in baseball at the time were different, and the majors certainly benefitted from the 1998 Sosa-McGwire homerun race, and the 2001 Barry Bonds 73-homerun season. 

Not to mention, the increased attendance through the late ‘90s in order to get fans to forgive and forget the ’94 labour stoppage. 

And, is this the year we might see a National championship in hockey or basketball for Lakehead University?  

Both the hockey squad and men's hoops team are enjoying very strong years, consistently ranked in the top 10.  

Is 2012 to be the swan-song for the Border Cats?  Let's hope not. 

Better yet, get out to some games this summer in the Northwoods League, you won't be disappointed.


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