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Out Of Control - Video game reviews and news
2012-03-08 at NOON

Gonzalez is no Cover Girl

So I did what life expected me to do and picked up a copy of MLB 12 The Show.

As a Blue Jays fan I love the fact that Jose Bautista is gracing the “Canadian” cover of the game. But while JoeyBats may be on the cover for Canada, it is Adrian Gonzalez who is on the “official” U.S. game cover.

I say hilarious because the two teams that probably shouldn’t have players representing MLB on video game covers this year are the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox.


Well perhaps it is just the opinion of one video game blogger, but the person who graces the cover of MLB 12 probably shouldn’t be a member of one of the teams that had one of the most epic self-destructions in baseball history.

The opening montage of the game only adds humour to the decision to make Gonzalez The Show’s cover girl.

The opening montage, of course, is a rather long highlight show of the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves decent from playoff shoe-ins to regular season failures.

This rant is going somewhere. Allow me to propose the five players (or, people I guess) who should have graced the cover of MLB 12 instead of Gonzalez.

But first, a word from digital Jose Bautista: 


Mariano Rivera
Remember this guy? It pains me to lobby to have a Yankee *spit* on the cover of anything, but he did become the undisputed greatest closer of all time with 603 career saves. While the BoSox were blowing a season, he was Mr. Consistent and continued to save games.

Justin Verlander
American League MVP and a dynamite pitcher. What’s not to love about Verlander on the cover of The Show? Sure, he is on the cover of MLB 2K12, but that doesn’t make him deserve the cover of The Show any less.

Derek Jeter
My gag reflexes are on overdrive, but I have to nominate another Yankee *spit.*
But Mr. 3,000 didn’t just record his 3,000th hit of his career, he did with a homerun at home. There is a lot more positive to say about Jeter, but he is still a Yankee so I’ll end it there.  
Prince Fielder
Everyone loves Prince. He had a great season, expectations for him in 2012 are high and he is loaded with charisma. And that’s exactly what you want from the cover player.

I’m sure most people would probably argue that his 2011 teammate, Ryan Braun, was awarded the National League MVP and therefore should trump any Brewer’s (or former Brewer’s) chance of being on the cover for 2012.

But Mr. Fielder did not have a drug controversy.

Yes, Braun was exonerated. But his photograph on the cover of The Show would only spark conversation about whether or not he was juicing. That isn’t good for Sony, and it isn’t good for Braun or the MLB.

Tony La Russa
OK, even I am not all that serious about this one. But having a manager on the cover isn’t the craziest idea in the world. Having a player from a team that had one of the most epic fails in baseball history is the craziest.

La Russa would be in significant contrast to Gonzales. For starters, La Russa’s team is at the opposite end of that epic collapse, albeit in the National League.

When The Atlanta Braves fell apart in September, it was the St. Louis Cardinals that were rewarded with a playoff spot that would eventually turn into a World Series championship.

Of course being a manager, and incredibly ugly and scary looking dude, isn’t the only things working against La Russa. His retirement means he won’t be part of the 2012 season, which makes him a poor choice for the cover model of a 2012 game.

That could actually make him the second worst choice for The Show’s cover. The absolute worst choice being, of course, any member of the 2011 Boston Red Sox. 


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Hopwood says:
I vote for the rally squirrel.
3/30/2012 9:49:38 AM
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