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Sports - Sports With Bryan Wyatt
2012-03-23 at 16:13

Playing host gives North Stars a second chance

Even though the Thunder Bay North Stars have been knocked out of the Superior International Junior League playoffs, they still have a chance to be a National champion. 

That chance is awarded to the Stars because they are hosting the Provincial Junior 'A Tier Two championship tournament next month at the Fort William Gardens. 

The Stars will put their game against the other championship teams from leagues in Ontario, including the eventual champion of the SIJHL.
The second chance scenario is what used to happen years ago with the Thunder Bay Flyers. 

They went on to win the Centennial Cup in the early ‘90s after losing out in the United States Hockey League post-season.   

They did so after winning the Provincial Dudley-Hewitt Cup at the Fort William Gardens, the same event being hosted next month by the North Stars.
It's been an up and down season for the junior team.  

They responded very well with a late-season coaching change that brought former NHL player Lonny Bohonos to the helm. 

But they ran into a buzz-saw in the semi-final, taking on the Wisconsin Wilderness.  

The Dudley-Hewitt Cup hits the ice on April 17 to April 21.

It will be a great event to close out the competitive hockey season in the city.


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