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Monday August 31 2015
11:19 AM EDT


91.5 CKPR Coffee Crew

The 91.5 CKPR COFFEE CREW is back and ready to hit the streets!

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like P.

91.5 CKPR Cruising Crew

91.5 CKPR Cruisin Crew is back!

91.5 CKPR wants to send you and a guest on one of the most amazing vacations you

Oh Canada What a Feeling A Musical Odyssey

Oh Canada What a Feeling A Musical Odyssey

Tuesday November 3, 2015
Tickets on Sale

Lunch with Danny and Laura - Five Forks

Lunch with Danny and Laura sponsor for the month of September is  5 Forks

Listeners will be

91.5 CKPR presents Powered Up

Have you thought of joining the 91.5 CKPR Listener Club? Now - you have all the more reason to! 91.5 CKPR is pairing up with the

Workday Replay

During the Workday Replay, we will be giving a way $20 gift card to McDonald’s to promote the Mighty Angus Burger.

This is a new premium product called

Battle of the Sexes - McDonald's Mighty Angus

During the Battle of the Sexes, we will be giving a way $20 gift card to McDonald’s to promote the Mighty Angus Burger.

This is a new premium

Bubble Guppies Live Ready to Rock

91.5 CKPR, Paquin Entertainment and the TBCA are pleased to present the Bubble Guppies LIVE Ready to Rock!

Bubble Guppies is a fun, comical and exciting

CKPR Birthday's with Franki's Pizzeria

Each weekday morning, CKPR celebrates birthdays and special occasions and one lucky person wins a $25 Gift Pack from Franki's Pizzeria to place your order and

What’s in the Rock Box????

What’s in the Rock Box????

Rock 94 has placed an item in a big box from Secure Store and we want listeners to guess What’s in the Rock Box to WIN


Rockaholic [Rock-a-hol-ic] noun.
1. A devoted Rock 94 listener who eats, sleeps, and breathes Rock 94. One who will receive exciting insider information on Rock

RockTember III

ROCK 94 wants to send one lucky listener and a guest to see the Grand RockTember III Music Festival in Hinckley, Minnesota the September 11th and 12th ! 

Wendy's All Request Nooner

Every weekday Dee hosts the Wendy's All Request Nooner.  You pick the songs, and you could also win great prizes from Wendy's.  Give her a call

Screen Test

Join Dave weekday afternoons at 4:20 for “Screen Test”, where he will play a movie clip and the listener must correctly identify the title.

Rock 94's 2 Second Challenge

Every Weekday morning at 7:40 am  Kaile and Dee will play a 2 second clip from a song.. guess the song correctly and You win the Prizes!

WIN a new Hot Tub

Energy 103 104 is giving YOU the chance to WIN Hot Tubs this fall! Our lucky listeners are encouraged to be an Energy loyalist and listen to what songs we play at

The Power of an Energizer

Do YOU want to win some AWESOME prizes?

ENERGY 103 104 and The Power Centre want to reward our Energizers just for

Friday Morning At The Movies with Danny & Laura


Join 91.5 CKPR’s Morning Show hosts Danny

The Narvis Truck and Auto Service Ride Home

Weekdays at 5:05 Rock 94 will energize that LONG Ride home from a grueling day at work with 4 songs and ask Rockaholics to go to rock94.com and tell us which songs were



Do you or someone you know have a special birthday coming

Fact or Fib

Is it real... or made up? The truth... or a lie? Figure it out, and win awesome prizes by playing "Fact or Fib." Weekday mornings at 7:20 AM during the Morning